Nights in the wilderness


The house (s)

The actual construction of the vacation houses is still to be decided. We have a fancy for an old-style Kerala house, but constructing one like that in a faraway place could be a daunting task. In that case, we may g oin for a log cabin, or a stone house both of which are practical and cool to live in.

The houses - log cabins - stone houses - whatever - would all have a spacious living room and bedroom, a verandah, a kitchen and bathrooms. 

The facilities in the houses is yet to be decided. We do not know at this point whether our visitors would like to have a house with all possible amenities, or a spartan house. Perhaps we will have one of each. A log cabin could be complicated to construct, as in India, there would be very few who are familiar with the construction of log cabins. A vacation in a log cabin, so far, looks like something which our visitors would like, though - something we found out during our research on the Web.



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