Looking for a secluded vacation resort in India?


Well, I can't help you right now, but hey, I'm trying!

When my vacation resort is ready, we will have exactly the secluded vacation resort you want.

We will be nestling the forest, spread over ten acres of greenery.

The resort will be secluded from everything. At any time, there will be a maximum of 8 guests. So no one is going to intrude into your secluded vacation.

You will have your own secluded log cabin, a secluded tree house and a secluded stone house, all separated from each other by a good 15 minutes walk.

Our staff will be minimal, and you will have bicycles or motorcycles to come visit us, located at the centre.

Your security will be guaranteed at the secluded vacation resort. The cabins, tree house and stone will have basic amenities.

The proposed secluded vacation resort will offer you complete peace and quiet, and air that's delectable to breathe. Take an early morning walk through leafy pathways, trails or along the river.

When you would like to have a break from your secluded vacation with us, you can always come visit us and watch a movie on the home-theatre and peruse our video collection or library.

We are good talkers too, when it comes to talking about Indian culture, politics, society and though we do not know much, can talk a lot about your societies too!

Whether you want a holiday that will rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit or would like to spend a quiet romantic honeymoon with your spouse, we will be there - to leave you alone in your secluded cabins!

Keep us bookmarked or send us an email at lawdgawd@yahoo.com to be notified when we are ready to welcome you to the best secluded vacation resort in India.



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