Internet access, telephone and television in the wilderness resort


It will be next to impossible to have access to the internet in the resort. Most ISPs in India still concentrate on metros and towns, but villages are not on their radar yet. That is a disappointment. Satellite-based internet has still not arrived in India. However, there is a new Direct-To-home television service (DTH) being planned, and chances are that it should be ready in the next one year. It should also carry a satellite based internet service and that would solve our connectivity problems.

Television, on the other hand, can be made available easily by means of a satellite dish. A number if the pay channels usually available in city homes would be not available in our dream resort, but we do not think our visitors escaping from their cities in search of solitude and wilderness would care much.

We will figure a way out when it comes to phone conenctions. BSNL is wiring up villages like crazy, and that should take care of that.



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