Beach vacation spots in India


Came here looking for the best beach vacation spots in India?

Good boys.

You have basically got two options: Goa and Kerala.

Where to go depends entirely on what kind of person you are, and what kind of beach vacation spots take your fancy.

First, Goa beach vacations.

Goa, for the backpacker. For the tourist who wants to frolick and go mad and enjoy the little hippie atmosphere that's still left in India. Goa, for beaches with shades, vendors, drinks, tanning. Vacation in Goa is as different as it comes from a beach vacation in Kerala - they are polar opposites. In Goa, the idea is to hang loose, celebrate, drink, swim, meet and make friends, check out the local markets.. Let's say it is pretty close to a Caribbean or Miami beach vacation. Goa has lonely beaches, but the famous ones are overrun by tourists and you can find a huge crowd on its beaches any time. For more information, just go back to your favourite search engine and search for Goa.

Kerala now.

Kerala's beaches are pristine, less crowded and generally have an upper class bunch of tourists. The famous spots is Kovalam, but there are many others. The entire west coast of Kerala has beautiful beaches, so basically, you can get a beach anywhere in Kerala. The sand is always white. A beach vacation in Kerala means relaxing. Go for a swim, no drinking on the beaches, general safety, no boisterous crowds etc. If you have the money to stay in a beach resort with one of their private beaches, you have heaven. If having privacy, silence, and the sound of waves lashing upon the rocks is your idea of an idea beach vacation. There are beach resorts that give you the full ayurvedic massage treatment. The Government of Kerala promotes tourism for the upper crust, and does not like backpackers. Backpackers are considered culturally harmful, and drugs and boisteriousness are frowned upon. A beach vacation in Kerala should be focused on beauty, silence, health, and enjoying the local culture, food and arts. Search for Kerala in Google, and read up before you make your mind on where to go for your ideal beach vacation.






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