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Intel's Vanderpool Technology for virtualization

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Vanderpool Technology (VT) is Intel's new virtualization technology which will let computer users to operate separate virtual environments in the same PC. One obvious benefit is to be able to run separate operation systems in a single computer without additional hardware. (This is possible currently, but involves costly hardware manipulations on the Wintel platform). After hyperthreading technology which Intel introduced a couple of years back, VT is another major hardware advance from Intel.

Another benefit of the Intel Vanderpool Virtualization technology could be that in corporate environments, a business user would be able to continue working on his computer while the network IT managers upload or repair another part of the computer system without interfering with his work.

Vanderpool is actually Intel's codename for the technology, and the name may not exist by the time Intel launches its VT-equipped hardware by mid-2005.

Intel says that with virtualization technologies, a single computer will not only be able to run multiple operating systems, but also in combination with the right software, be able to provide better virus and spyware protection. The Vanderpool Technology (VT) when it is ready to roll out, will potentially surpass the capabilities of similar software-based solutions available today.

Vanderpool would enable a single PC to double as a personal as well as business system and keep software loads as well as security issues separate. At the high end, servers could work together for better server consolidation and security.

Vanderpool Technology based virtualization applications and solutions are currently under development by several virtualization infrastructure providers, according to the Intel website on VT developments. 

Intel Itanium processor based servers and desktops will be available from 2005, while further VT breadth would be achieved in 2006 when mobile platforms also would be supported.

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