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Curse of Tutankhamun: An occult explanation

We received this interesting piece in response to the article on the Curse of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. It seems there is more to it than the black and white of Curse vs Rationality.



The ancient Egyptians were very good in using certain kinds of poisons, derived from spores, in the chemicals used to embalm the mummies or write on the tombs, which could have killed many people when the tombs were opened. That is one theory which could be used to explain the mystery deaths.


But there are some instances which cannot be explained by that theory. For example, the crew of the RAF plane played cards on the coffin. All of them died unnatural deaths. One man kicked on the tomb playfully. He broke that leg while alighting from the plane in London. He did not have anything to do with opening the tomb. Then what could it be?

There is another interesting explanation for this. This is more occult. Thoughts, as they say, have power. The more you think a thought, the more you energise it. Tibetan Lamas are known to use such concentrations techniques and actually create thought forms, even of men and animals, which can be seen by others.

Also all thoughts have a form, which those with astral sight can see, and find out what you are thinking.

One interesting story is that of a feudal lord in England who lost his only son in a battle. The old man thought very hard about how he could give advance warning to his relatives before death. After his death, whenever any one of his family members died, before that a strange melody floats in the air. Every one in the family hears it.

Apparently, it stil happens. The explanation is, because the old man's thoughts stored up so much power, they activate in such times to warn the family members of the impending tragedy.

Now, the ancient egyptians, as any other occult people, practised this theory. What they used to do, while the body was being embalmed, was to make their slaves think and energise thought forms that will protect the dead. since these wretches were really cruelly treated, they were given the hope by the Egyptian priests that if they do this job right, they will attain a great afterlife; and they really strived to think up the thought forms, as the priests wanted them.

It is believed that such thought forms could be the cause of the curseof the pharaohs. Personally, I find that this theory has some merit.





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