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TSA issues security guidelines for summer travel season

29 May, 2007

For the busy summer travel season, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of the United States has issued security guidelines to travelers.

In 2007, officials from the Transportation Security Administration, airports, and major airlines are anticipating an increased number of passengers between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends.

The TSA has said in a press release that it is prepared for summer travel and is working with partners in the aviation industry to ensure the highest levels of security and customer service for travelers. Prospective travelers can get the details on the website including travel tips, airport-by-airport wait times in the past as well as an elaborate list of prohibited items.

Kip Hawley, Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration, has said his agency works closely each year with its partners in the air travel industry to manage effectively high summer travel volumes and that it is fully staffed and prepared to handle the greater volume of passengers in 2007.

In fact, travelers will be able to control the length of their own wait time by being prepared when they reach the security checkpoint.

According to Kip Hawley, through innovative staffing and scheduling models, the Transportation Security Administration has been able to maintain consistent peak wait times at the busiest airports in the United States throughout the summer travel season. However, wait times do vary by airport, checkpoint and time of day.

The Transportation Security Administration has reminded the passengers to follow the 3𢴏 rule for carrying liquids, gels and aerosols through the checkpoint: 3-ounce bottles or less for all liquids, gels and aerosols placed in 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag; 1 bag per passenger placed separately in a security bin for X-ray screening.

The restriction on liquid applies only to carry-on bags. Passengers can pack larger quantities of liquids and gels in checked baggage.

The ban on liquid ban took effect in August 2006 following the London liquid explosives plot and was adjusted in September 2006 to allow travel-sized liquids through the checkpoint. Allowing only one, quart-sized plastic bag per person limits the total liquid volume each traveler can bring through the checkpoint. More details on this can be found on the website.

The Transportation Security Administration has issued the following guidelines for air passengers:

Be prepared for screening. To maximize efficiency at the security checkpoint, avoid wearing clothing with metal, and pack all metal items in the carry-on luggage.

Removing footwear for X-ray screening is required. Wearing footwear that can be easily removed helps speed up the process.

When approaching the security checkpoint, passengers will be asked to present a boarding pass and a government-issued identification. Keep the boarding pass out and available throughout screening.

Be flexible. TSA抯 layered security approach has been designed to be difficult for terrorists to manipulate. This approach includes elements of unpredictability, which means that passengers may encounter slightly varied processes from checkpoint to checkpoint.

Prepare before getting to the airport. Travel tips for parents, persons with special needs and the general public, lists of prohibited items and much more can be found on the TSA website.

Handle prohibited items properly. Firearms, ammunition, and knives are prohibited at the passenger checkpoint. Self-defense sprays and other potential weapons also are banned. The website gives a complete list of prohibited items.

All fireworks are explosive materials have been banned in checked or carry-on baggage.

Firearms and ammunition must be properly packed in checked baggage. Firearms must be unloaded, placed in a locked, hard-sided container and properly declared to the airline concerned.






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