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TIA, AOL Travel launch web page for US National Tourism Week

9 May, 2007

The Travel Industry Association (TIA) and AOL Travel (travel.aol.com) have joined hands to launch a web page named ‘Across America’ to celebrate the United States’ National Tourism Week 2007.

The dedicated web page – hosted on AOL Travel and live from May 1-20, 2007 – has been designed to familiarise users with the various features of American destinations and provide a platform to share videos and photos from users’ favorite US travel sites.

The web page also figures fun facts on travel and consumer message boards.

AOL Travel provides support and content for the site.

Through launching the web page during the National Tourism Week 2007, the Travel Industry Association and AOL Travel together intend to reach the message of travel and tourism in the United States to a whole new audience and on a much greater scale.

The web page also gives the public a chance to share their travel pictures, videos and experiences.

Over 80 tourism organisations representing cities and states across the United States are planning to participate in this promotion by integrating the special Web tile, designed by AOL and distributed by TIA, onto their websites that links to AOL Travel’s National Tourism Week page.

In addition to the links provided by city and state tourism marketing organisations, AOL is building awareness through its web properties and its AOL Travel Newsletter. A link is also available at www.tia.org.

According to Roger J Dow, president and CEO of the Travel Industry Association, the TIA is involving millions of people in the power of travel through the promotion with AOL as a focal point of National Tourism Week activities of 2007.

AOL Travel, says Jim Kovarik, general manager and director of AOL Travel, has been a long-time member of the Travel Industry Association and is excited to provide support for such an important initiative by the TIA and fellow members.

The Travel Industry Association is a non-profit organisation representing all components of the $703-billion travel industry in the United States. Its goal is to promote and facilitate increased travel to and within the United States.



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TIA, AOL Travel launch web page for US National Tourism Week

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