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Seychelles has two of top 3 most-expensive hotels

According to Forbes magazine, Seychelles has two of the world's top three most expensive  hotels




May 23, 2005: Seychelles is not just an exotic, sun-bathed beach bum's paradise archipelago - the sunny island nation is also home to some of the richest resort hotels in the world.

Seychelles hosts two of the world's three most expensive hotels. Forbes magazine says Seychelles, an archipelago of barely 455 sq km and a population of 81 000, is home to the second and third priciest resort hotels.

The other two rivals to Seychelles in the hotel and resort arena are the United States and Fiji. The data is from the magazine's survey of the World's Most Expensive Hotels.

The most expensive hotel to stay in the world is MGM Grand in Las Vegas, where a one-night accommodation costs $15000. A Seychelles hotel stay may not be that costly, but accommodation at the Seychelles' North Island and Fregate Island Private resorts are cklose behind.

North Island hotel in Seychelles which costs $3217 per night is ranked second by Forbes in its hotel sweepstakes. A secluded resort, North Island has 11 deluxe two-bedroom villas. The hotel's rate includes all meals, which the staff prepares with heavy reliance on the island's vegetable and herb gardens, and drinks excepting premium champagne, although presumably, one paying so much for such a hotel stay after travel to Seychelles can afford to spend some more for some Dom Perignon.

Another Seychelles resort, another rate worthy of a billionaire is the world's third most expensive hotel, the Fregate Island Private resort, where a night's stay in one of its 16 villas will throw up a hotel bill of $2482. Note: the hotel bill amount does not include 15% tax and service charges. A guest at Fregate Island one can use the villa's two bedrooms, jacuzzi, private sun terrace and two bathrooms - one inside and one open-air - breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
This hotel offers soft drinks as part of the package, but not alcohol, says Forbes. 

The survey also says that South Africa's Singita Private Game Reserve, at $2200 per night, is the No.4 in the list of most expensive hotels. The list is rounded out by a resort in Saint Barthelemy in the Caribbean, the two in Fiji, one each in New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates, and a second US hotel in the Florida Keys. 


• The Mansion at The MGM Grand - Las Vegas
• North Island - The Seychelles
• Frιgate Island Private - The Seychelles
• Le Toiny - French West Indies
• Singita Private Game Reserve - Sabi Sand, South Africa
• The Wakaya Club - Fiji
• Turtle Island - Fiji
• Huka Lodge - New Zealand
• Burj Al Arab - United Arab Emirates
• Little Palm Island - Florida


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