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Penang Bridge Marathon targets foreigners

29 March, 2007

‘Visit Malaysia 2007’ is organising the Penang Bridge Marathon on June 24, 2007. The organisers are trying to rope in more foreign participants into the run this year.

According to Penang Tourism and Environment Committee chairman Teng Chang Yeow, foreigners can take advantage of the three-day-two-night Penang marathon-cum-tourism package.

Registration forms for the marathon are available at Malaysia tourism offices overseas. The marathon packages are already being promoted in Europe through travel agents. Your browser may not support display of this image.

The organisers of the Penang Bridge Marathon are also making efforts to encourage strong participation by the local population.

The organisers expect some 18,000 participants for the 2007 marathon – almost double the number of participants who took part in 2006.

Considering the aggressive promotion campaign and positive response so far, Teng Chang Yeow said, the organisers are confident of getting the targeted number of participants for the run. Over 500 runners from Thailand have confirmed participation in the Penang Bridge Marathon, Teng Chang Yeow said. The organisers are working to attract more Singaporeans to join the marathon.

The Penang Bridge Marathon is among the 50 events that make up the Visit Malaysia 2007 campaign.

The Visit Malaysia 2007 offers a total prize money worth RM120,000. In 2006, the prize money was RM55,000. The first 20 finishers will be selected for the Singapore Marathon 2007.

The top two runners will be sponsored by Adidas Malaysia Sdn Bhd to take part in a marathon to be held either in London, Prague or Berlin.

Early registrants will get a RM50 voucher from Adidas Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

The entry fee for the full marathon is RM50 (US$50) for foreign participants, half marathon RM25 (US$25), quarter marathon RM15 (US$15), and Fun Run RM10 (US$10).




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