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Mythical India launched at Berlin ITB

German edition of National Geographic magazine publishes 156 page special edition on India.

24 March, 2007

Mythical India, a 156-page special edition published by the German edition of the National Geographic magazine, was launched by India’s Ministry of Tourism and Culture at the International Tourism Bourse (ITB) 2007 held in Berlin early in March 2007.

India was the official partner-country of the 2007 international tourism fair.

Mythical India presents the multifarious facets of India in telling reports and striking photographs, including write-ups on Bangalore (India’s high-tech hub), a Hindu celebration, pilgrimage to sacred rivers, and Bollywood and its flourishing film industry.

The special edition also shows the poverty that exists in a large part of India.

Mythical India is the 8th issue of the ‘Collector’s Edition’ that appears in Germany and is meant specifically for collectors.

Ambika Soni, India’s Minister for Tourism and Culture, was present at the Bertelsmann Headquarters in Berlin for the launch of Mythical India, along with Dr Felix Friedlaender, publishing director for National Geographic Deutschland.




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