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12 of the most isolated Islands on the Planet

Islands of the world which are habited and far away.

If you ever get that feeling where you want to be away from things, this Google map of isolated Islands can give you a good start. The Islands are all inhabited, although some have only scientists hanging around observing rare lichens. So it wont be a Robinson Crusoe experience, although to my knowledge non have a Starbucks, but some have Internet access, like Pitacairn for instance and as there are only 45 other people on the island you are sure to get a fast download. Although I don't rate your chances of stealing your neighbours WiFi.

Tristan de Cunha gets the prize for the most isolated island which is habited.
Bermuda is 640 miles from the nearest landmass, but it consists of 138 Islands so reduces the isolation factor.

Some say it's a small world. In these places that's exactly what it is.

I did not include Islands which are not permanantly habited.

Created by MapBuilder.net.

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