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Paradise for a price

Watch and elephant, and then go for ayurveda slimming therapy! Not necessarily in that order, of course, and not just watch elephants either. Snake boat race sand hosue boats cruises await you at Keraleeyam, a health resort in Kerala.





A cruise through the lagoons on a house boat, an elephant ride and snake boat races. If you thought this is an out of the world, dream scenario, hang on. This is for real. In Alleppey, in the southern Indian state of Kerala, all this beckons the travelers. The erstwhile Venice of East, Alleppey is almost exactly equidistant from the two international airports of Kerala – Cochin & Trivandrum. Both places are also connected to what is now called Allapuzha, by road as well as rail. Cochin would take just two hours and Trivandrum around one hour more.

The Keraleeyam Ayurvedic Resort at Thathampally near Alappuzha (Alleppey) inKerala is the perfect setting for an ideal vacation, all the more if you have an inkling of what Ayurveda, the science of life, has in store for you. 

Ayurvedic Slimming Therapy

Big ain’t beautiful anymore. The slim and the trim rule the world. Shedding fat is the funda and Ayurveda is the most-sought after method for this. So the ideal time to spend time on this is vacation time. The period when you don’t have to complain about lack of time, when you have all the time in the world. Only in such an occasion can the modern day professional be expected to do a reality check on where he/she stands vis-à-vis the chart of health. 

The slimming therapy is done under the guidance of a qualified Ayurvedic physician in Keraleeyam Heritage Home And Ayurvedic Resort. The aim is to fix metabolic issues connected with obesity. Massage is employed extensively in the programme. Both herbal powder as well as herbal oil is used for the therapy. During the period, a strict vegetarian Ayurvedic diet is to be followed. Stem bath as well as internal medicine intake is also part of the extensive treatment programme, which would result in correcting any hormonal imbalance and remove excess fat in the body. The therapy, done one to two hours a day, also focuses on stimulating circulatory system with a view to avoiding fat deposits. The package includes pick up and drop from Cochin (Kochi), accommodation and food, apart from a slew of related programmes like canoeing around Keralyeem beach and town backwater motor cruise a visit to the Ayurvedic factory and Coir factory, a trip to the Ablalapuzha Sri Krishnan temple as well as to a traditional Krala village. 

Tariif: For an A/C room single accommodation package of 6 nights and 7 days, you are charged Euro 480,821 and 1162 for single, double and triple accommodation respectively. For the A/c cottage, the charges are Euro 558, 899 and 1240. For non a/c, the charges are Euro 504, 845 and 1192 respectively. 

In the 13 night/14-days A/C room package, you are charged 956, 1682 and 2408 Euros for single, double and triple accommodation respectively. A/C cottage would cost Euro 1125, 1851 and 2577, while the non A/C cottage would be charged Euro 1008, 1734 and 2473 respectively. 

For the 20 nights, 21 days package, A/C room is charged Euro 1432, 2543 and 3654 for single, double and triple accommodation. A/C cottage costs Euro 1692, 2803 and 3914 respectively and Non-A/C cottage would cost Euro 1512, 2623 and 3754. 

The 26-night/27 day package costs Euro 1840, 3284 and 4722 for A/C single, double and triple room accommodation respectively. A/c cottage is charged Euro 2178, 3622 and 5060 respectively. Non A/C cottage is charged Euro 1944, 3388 and 4852 Euros respectively. 

Body Purification Therapy 

As per Ayurveda, illness depends on body and mind. Illness results from the imbalance of doshas i.e. bodily humors - vata, pitha and kapha. The body purification therapy purifies the body to attain proper balance of these bodily humors. The herbal medicines give a boost to natural purification system of the body.

The therapy is a mix of any of the therapies including, body massage, Nayasamm, Virechanam, Snehavasti, Dhara, Pizhichil, Njavarakizhi, Karnappornam, Sirovasti, Steambath and internal herbal medicines, under the able guidance of an Ayurvedic physician.Normally, it is performed one to two hours a day.

The package includes most of the entertainment associated with slimming therapy like canoeing, backwater motor cruise etc.

For a 6-night/7-day package, an A/C room would cost 504 Euros for single accommodation, 869 for double accommodation and 1234 for triple accommodation. For AC cottage, the rates are Euro 582, 947 and 1312 respectively, while non-ac cottage would cost Euro 528, 893 and 1264 respectively.

For 13-night/14 days A/C room, single occupancy would be charged Euro 1008, double occupancy would cost 1786 and triple 2564. For AC cottage rates are Euro 1177, 1955 and 2733, while for non-ac the figures are Euro 1060, 1838 and 2629 respectively.

For 20-nights/21 days the same figures for a/c room single, double and triple accommodation are Euro 1512, 2703 and 3894 respectively.

AC cottage costs Euro 1772, 2963 and 4154, while non-ac cottage would be charged Euro 1592, 2783 and 3994 Euros. 

The 26 night/27 day package costs Euro 1944, 3489 & 5034 for single, double and triple accommodation in ac room. AC cottage charges are Euro 2282, 3827 and 5372, while non ac cottage would cost Euro 2048, 3593 and 5164 respectively. 

Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapy 

Increase in life span and memory power, youthful appearance and resistance to diseases. This is what is aimed at by rejuvenation theory and no wonder there are many takers for this. Body massage, steam bath, Dhara etc is employed in the rejuvenation therapy, which lasts one and a half hours a day. Package canoeing, boating etc. 

The 6 night/7-day package costs Euro 384 for single accommodation in ac room. Double accommodation is Euro 629 and triple 874.

For A/C cottage the charges are Euro 462, 707 & 952 respectively, while non-AC cottage costs Euro 408, 653 and 904. 

The 13-night/14-day package costs Euro 726 for ac single room, 1222 for double and 1718 for triple. AC cottage costs Euro 895, 1391 and 1887 respectively and non AC cottage costs Euro 778, 1274 and 1783. 

The 20 nights/21-day package costs Euro 1112 for single a/c accommodation, 1903 for double and 2694 for triple accommodation. The corresponding figures are Euro 1372, 2163 and 2954 for a/c cottage and Euro 1192, 1983 and 2794 for non ac cottage. 

Euro 1424 would be the cost of single ac accommodation for 26 nights/27 days package, while double accommodation would cost you Euro 2449 and triple 3474.

The figures for AC cottage are Euro 1762, 2787 and 3812 and for non ac cottage they are 1528, 2553 and 3604. 

Contact: Tel: 91-0477-231468/236950 
Fax: 91-0477-251068 



For conversion rates from dollar to Indian Rupee click here

God save the Malayalee

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