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Canadians travel to the US more than ever

16 October 2007

As the Canadian dollar is continuing to rise, more Canadians are opting for vacationing in the United States.

The soaring Canadian dollar is making travel to the neighboring United States more affordable than ever, according to travel agencies in Canada.

Disney vacations are very popular now, according to Don Johnston, of CAA Travel, Canada. “Families are showing a lot more interest there now that the dollar is more competitive.”

This trend, Don Johnston added, is not something that happened overnight; “rather it has been occurring more regularly as the dollar got stronger and as word of affordable travel spread.”

Johnston said that while he is happy about the increase in demand for travel to the United States, people of Canada need to understand that it could have negative effects for Canada’s own tourism. The high Canadian dollar could discourage US travelers from visiting Canada.

Besides the United States, more and more Canadians are now interested in visiting countries such as China, Thailand, and other parts of Asia.

Jean Hammerlindl, of Regina’s The Art of Travel, says that travel bookings have gone up in 2007 compared to the year before. Bookings have already been made for 2008.

According to Jean Hammerlindl, there has been an increase in travel to anywhere that the US dollar is spent. “There has been increased travel from
Canada to the Caribbean, for cruise nights, and a large increase to Disney vacations. Even grandparents are now taking their grown children and grandchildren to Disney parks,” says Hammerlindl.

She says there are so many positives with the Canadian economy right now and that “people are excited to travel because they have job security. People feel much safer now as they travel and are more comfortable with the airline regulations.”

Travel from Canada to Europe too increased considerably in the last one and a half years as the Canadian dollar became more competitive with the Euro and the British pound.

Travel to usual winter getaways such as Mexico is still hugely popular, according to Don Johnston.



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