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God's country, Ayurveda's abode

Nilayoram, an Ayurveda resort in Kerala, offers incredible rejuvenation packages for the weary tourist.




May 16, 2005: In a self-proclaimed fiefdom of the Almighty, it makes sense to have what the sages prescribe. In other words, it would be ridiculous if you just go partying in Kerala. A wiser option will be to relax, to meditate, to do some Yoga. And if you are on a vacation, why not combine all these with some Ayurvedic therapies. Now, this is the funda that is fast catching on. And what if all these happen in the backdrop of exotic backwaters and palm-fringed sea-shores. Heavenly. Welcome to Nilayoram resorts in Thrissur, Kerala. Welcome to God’s Own Country.

To reach Nilayoram, Cochin is the nearest airport (65 km) and Shoranur is the nearest railway station (5 km ). Nearest city is Thrissur (34 km). Pick up from airport, train station , bus stand is included in the package. The resort representative would be at your service to escort you to the resort. 

Nilayoram has a unique Ayurveda Health Retreat. The Ayurveda package is mainly aimed at enhancing general health of tourists through rejuvenation and purification therapy. Treatments are prescribed and supervised by an eminent panel of doctors of a reputed Ayurveda Hospital.

The resort functions throughout the year.

Tourists are picked up from either Kochi or Kozhikode airport. Once you arrive to the scenic setting of the resort, which provides you a soothing river view, the meals will be as per Ayurvedic diet. A medical checkup is also done on arrival and during the course of the stay.

The tourists are also provided Ayurveda treatment, massage or therapy, as prescribed by the physician. After checkup and a panel discussion by physicians from the reputed KAS Ayurveda institute, the appropriate treatment needed is decided. The treatment is supervised by senior doctors. Therapies are performed by qualified and experienced masseurs. All Ayurvedic herbs used are prepared in the traditional way. vegetarian food will be provided during the treatment period. Ayurveda discourages non-vegetarian food.

Various detoxifying, curative and rejuvenative therapies await you.

For toning of muscles, improving blood circulation and for checking obesity, especially for diabetic patients, Abhayanga therapy is done. 

For rheumatic ailments like Arthritis, Paralysis, Hemiplegia, Epilepsy, Paralysis-Agitanus the rejuvenative Ayurvedic therapy called Pizhichil is carried out.

To rejuvenate all tissues, control weight loss, curb pain in joints and for emaciation of limbs, high blood pressure, cholesterol and certain kinds of skin diseases, Njavarakizhi is the therapy employed.

For insomnia and stress-related issues, Dhara comes in handy.

Sirovasti is for epilepsy, facial paralysis, dryness of nostrils, mouth and throat problems and severe headaches. 

Hemiplegia, numbness, gastric complaints associated with rheumatism and constant constipation is fixed by Vasti.

If loosing weight is the primary prescription, Udvarthanam would be the ideal ayurvedic treatment.

For sinusitis, recurrent respiratory problems, headaches and some skin problems, Nasyam would work wonders.

For internal rejuvenation and improving immunity, Osteoarthritis & Psoriasis Snehapanam shows the way.

Kizhi is for osteoarthritis, arthritis with swelling, spondylitis and sports injuries.

Yoniprakshalanam is for female reproductive disorders, endometriosis, cysts and fibroids. 

For back pain, spinal disorders, disc prolapse etc Kativasthi is the therapy employed.

Urovasthi: Respiratory problems and muscular chest pain 

Ksheeradhooman is for speech and nervous disorders as well as for toning facial nerves as well as muscles.

Thalam is for the increasing incidence of insomnia, eye-sight, migraine and ENT related issues.


For a seven nights /8 days stay, you pay $550 for single occupancy and $975 for a couple. For a 14 nights/15 days stay, the charge is $975 and $1825 for single occupancy and couples respectively. For 21 nights/22 days, the rates are $1425 and $ 2525 and for 28 nights and 29 days, the figures are $ 1825 and $3225 respectively.

Apart from the Ayurvedic health packages , Nilayoram offers five packages.

The Home Retreat package, again with river-view deluxe accommodation, covers three multi-cuisine meals per day. The free airport transportation is provided for bookings of at least 5 days. Of course the option to choose the desired package is yours.
Under this plan, single occupancy for one night would cost you $ 60 and for a couple $80. For a 7 nights/8 day package, you are charged $385 for single occupancy and $ 525 for couples.

The Guruvayur Dharshan package is a 2 nights / 3 days pilgrimage package for groups of minimum 2 couples or 4 persons. Pickup to the resort is arranged from nearest air/rail and bus terminals. Accommodation would be twin-sharing for singles.
Visits to the famous Guruvayur Lord Krishna temple, the elephant camp at Guruvayur, which has 60 pachyderms, a trek through rubber plantation to witness collection of latex and processing, a trip to a traditional style home and to Kalamandalam, the art and culture house of Kerala are included in the package. The guests can choose either the Lord Krishna Temple visit or a visit to the Grand Church at Thrissur.
For children above the age of 10, an additional charge of $15 or 675 would be charged. 

The Honeymoon Retreat

Apart from the Guruvayur Darshan options, you can have a day trip to Athirappilly water falls and Sholayar wild life sanctuary in this 7/days eight night package. 
An evening trip to Malampuzha dam is also tailored in this.$485 or Rupees 21,825 is charged for this.

Yoga Master package

Aimed to impart intensive Yoga practices under renowned masters while on a vacation, the package includes free pick up from Cochin or Calicut airports, river-vew accommodation and Yoga course materials. Six hours of intensive Yoga theory and practical classes would beheld. There would be counseling by an expert at the end of the programme and a course certificate would also be provided. For single occupancy for 28 nights/29 days, $1675 is charged. 

Yoga Retreat

This is for groups of 4 or above, with the aim of meditating and relaxing in the exclusive riverside. Pickup is from Kochi or Calicut airports. Three multi-cuisine meals per day are provided . Apart from the Yoga and meditation classes every day, an unique attraction os this package is the elephant ride on the banks of Bharatapuzha. A day with masters programme enables you to get an exposure to Kerala’s art and culture scenario, through a visit to Kalamandalam. This 7 days/8 nights package would cost $600 for singles, $900 for couples and &500 each for two on a twin-sharing basis.


For conversion rates from dollar to Indian Rupee click here

God save the Malayalee

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