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Top ten hot vacation spots in Europe

25 April, 2007

Fly-fishing in Europe

The dictionary defines fly-fishing as fishing with a fly as lure. That could be right or wrong,  I suspect, as a cursory search on the Net offers some discussions on ethics or morals with regarding to how you fish, what you fish with etc.

Anyway if you are into fly-fishing, and are planning a trip to Europe, lies Hampshire, known as the cradle of modern fly-fishing. Izaak Watson, who seems to be godfather of all anglers - and the most celebrated one too - wrote about fishing in the waters of Hampshire, southern England, Europe ages ago. If you are a beginner, though, stay away from this fly-fishing spot. The fish are trickey and smart, and you won't stand a chance. Related: Top ten vacation spots in Canada

Paris? Of course!

Why did I have to think about this? It's so obvious - no wonder it generally stays at the back of your mind. There is no vacationing in Europe without spending a spot of time in Paris - ever. Got it?

Paris is Paris. The culture, palaces, chateus, museums, clubs and what not. Just a word of caution - in September, Paris is a little less than the perfect vacation spot. That's because its the peak of the tourist season, and accommodation is a real pain. Book your night-spot well in advance if you need to rest your head.

Alps - best skiing spot in the world?

Yeah it is. Skiing on the mountain slopes are a bit scary for Americans, who are used to skiing between obviously naturally demarcated boundaries on their tree-laden slopes. But actually, it is easier here. The reason is that the slopes are open, and there are no needs to follow any boundaries. Most Europeans understand, if not speak, English and that should set at rest some of your fears. If you are an Indian, I suggest you practice your skiing skills in Darjeeling or Nainital before you try to tackle Europe.

Mykonos - World's best island vacation spot?

There are many who have already decided this is the case, and heaven forbid they hear you don't approve. Mykonos is a hot vacation spot in Greece, Europe.  It is a pretty large island with a shoreline of almost 80 kilometers. Mythologically, Mykonos is connected to Hercules and to a God by name of Mykonos. Want a spot of history and mythology, along with the sun and beaches, Mykonos is the best island in Europe to go spend some time.



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