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Count your Blessings

A positive approach to life can help you tide over those tough times and come out with  flying colours.  Dancewithshadows.com provides some tips.



Listen in to  a deep conversation between two rhythm-based musical instruments.

Says the tabla: What kind of a miserable life is this? Getting beaten up all the time and to top it all, people enjoy the sounds produced while I undergo this treatment.

Replies the mridang after some introspection: You are lucky, as you are hit only on one side, while I am beaten up from both sides.

What can you gather from this dialogue? Each one of us behaves exactly in the same manner, when we feel that we are ones chosen to undergo all the trials and tribulations of life. But wait, do you know where the solution lies ultimately?

In looking around us. Just look at the person seated next to you and you realize how much more blessed you are.

The recent news of an Ex-Miss India Nafisa Joseph committing suicide sent shock waves all over. For once, if only she knew how girls all over crave to have the kind of beauty, fame and wealth, which she possessed, she would never have contemplated to take such a drastic, fatal step. Our Showman, Raj Kapoor rightly said, " The show must go on, no matter what."

Life never stops at the behest of anyone or anything. End of a particular relationship or ceasing of a beautiful phase of life simply doesnít signify the end of life. Life has plenty to offer a lot to teach and millions of experiences to share.

So do you want to be a part of life? Lets look at a few ways in which a person who has lost interest in living can make a fresh beginning.

1.Hobbies: Did you know one of the best ways of deriving pleasure was to do something you like and get someone to pay you for it? All of us have hobbies, painting, sculpture, music, dance, collection of antiques, stamps, coins etc.
The best way to make a restart is to create a career out of your hobby. This could give the person ample satisfaction, peace of mind and last, but not the least, a livelihood.


2.Pursuing meditation and yoga, joining laughter clubs and paying visits to the local gym: -Meditation teaches a person to gain a control over his mind, think within his limits and keep his cool in times of crisis. Visits to the local gym and learning yoga help him tone his body, gain the required physical energy and make him feel fit from within. Joining laughter clubs, a latest phenomenon, will show him the beauty of life and teach him to take sorrows and joys in a like manner. All these activities will help the person to gain emotional, physical and mental strength. It would rejuvenate him from within and give him the much-needed moral boost.

3.Reading motivational works by renowned authors: -Reading provides the human mind ample food for thought, gives it an analytical bent and also pumps in new ideas. Norman Vincent Peale has focussed a lot on the powers of positive thinking in his books. Positive thinking and an optimistic outlook are indeed magical ways of looking at life. Another example is that of Dale Carnegie which gives an insight into how a person can win over people and earn a popular image. Such books have a deep impact on the mind of a person and influence him to channelise his attention, time and energy into creative pursuits, instead of wallowing in self-pity.

4.Social Work: -A visit to a nearby childrenísí orphanage or an old age home and making a worthy contribution in terms of time, money or by offering something like food, clothes, books brings enormous amount of fulfillment and peace of mind. It gives you an insight into how much sorrow exists in reality and what a difference you can make by spending time with such people. It serves as a distracting agent and also gives you the satisfaction of having contributed something worthwhile to the deprived lot of the society.

5.Listening to soulful music: -The music therapy has recently earned a lot of renown for having a healing touch. It soothes the troubled nerves and proves to be a great rejuvenator, giving the required serenity and calm environment, needed to destress the mind. Once the person is able to relieve himself of the stress he is undergoing, he finds himself fit enough to undertake a new activity, that too with renewed energy and confidence.



6.Pursuing religious activities: -A normal visit to a place of worship be it a temple, a church or a mosque provides immense peace of mind. In such a pure, unpolluted atmosphere, cleansing oneís mind becomes so much easier and thus, acts as a crucial outlet for bottled-up emotions and feelings. Reciting prayers, attending religious meets and organizing religious seminars all in a way divert negative thoughts into positive channels. This largely helps in preventing the person from taking drastic steps which later could prove to be fatal.


7.Spending time with animals:-Animals have the greatest ability to take things off your mind. Stroke a cat or a dog on your way to work and you will know the difference it makes to you and them the following day onwards when they begin following you. A better proposition would be to join an animal welfare centre, attend animal shows and in short, spend maximum time with these creatures, who may not be able to speak your mother tongue, but teach you the universal language of love.


8. Start a new business: -The best way to get out of an unwanted situation is to have a change of place and maybe to embark on a brand new venture. Moving into a new town / city entails meeting new people and adapting to new surroundings. More often than not, such a change itself does the trick by giving you a completely new environment and helps you put your painful past behind you and make a fresh beginning. Another way could be to start on a new business which could be related to your hobbies, as mentioned before. These include dealing in antiques, paintings, artwork etc.

9.Learning a new art: -Many of us do not get the opportunity of learning a particular art or pursuing a particular talent during our childhood. So at a juncture in our life when we feel lost, cheated or dejected, pursuing this long-lost dream will go a long way in keeping us occupied, it may even prove to be challenging, but it certainly will keep negative ideas at bay. Even learning a new language could give the required moral boost.


10.Adopting a child: -Life is the most precious gift of god to every living creature on earth. Yet in case of orphaned or abandoned children, the person who begets the child doesnít occupy a position equivalent to the person who actually gives it a home, a beautiful upbringing and the joy of a warm family. Thus, for a person who otherwise considers himself as unfortunate or unlucky, he can prove lucky for a child by adopting it, accepting it as his own and giving it the valuable coveted gift of life.

These are just a few ways of kickstarting your life, your most valuable possession which must not be given up no matter how miserable a juncture you arrive at. Remember that when you do not have the power of creating life, you similarly do not own the right to end it as well. Life is an ocean of myriad colours, providing innumerable educative experiences, each leaving behind a crucial message.
It is often said, " Life isnít a bed of roses".
It actually is, but with the thorns in place. Learn to take pricks of these thorns in the same way you enjoy the soft touch of rose petals.


God save the Malayalee

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