Zebronics launches laptop cooling pad for Rs. 950

Friday, March 25, 2011, 12:31 by Tech Correspondent

If your laptop or notebook heats up after extended usage and your machine’s in-built fan is unable to keep the chassis’ temperature down, you need an external cooling pad.

Zebronics has unveiled the latest addition to its wide line-up of notebook accessories – the Zeb-NC3000 Premium Laptop Cooling Pad. The Zebronics cooling pad carries a price tag of Rs. 950 and is available in two colors: matt black and electric red.

Suitable for notebook size ranging from 8-inches to 15-inches, the Zeb-NC3000 cooling pad from Zebronics is constructed from premium-grade plastic material with a soft-touch feel. Suggested read: Best laptops for business travelers in India

Photo: Zebronics Zeb-NC3000 laptop cooling pad

The cooling pad measures 295 x 300 x 68.89mm and weighs 700 grams. The Zeb-NC3000 has been engineered keeping in mind convenience of use, functionality and portability. The retractable USB cord enables you to stow it away neatly and there are no other cables or power adapter required.

Zebronics says that its cooling pad is angled for comfort of use, which also provides enough clearance for the wide-sweep, 80-mm fan to create an airflow volume of nearly 19 cubic-ft per minute at a speed of 2000 RPM.

The Zebronics cooling pad helps to prolong the life of your notebook computer by decreasing its working temperature while at the same time  isolating your lap when you are using the machine on-the-go. Related: Top long battery life laptops

It is even more useful if the notebook is your main computer sitting on a desk running most of the day as your laptop’s internal fan would not be able to handle such prolonged usage. Suggested read: Top desktop replacement laptops in India

Apple Macbook users should keep in mind that this cooling pad is no good for their notebooks because Macbooks don’t have a vent at the bottom through which the Zen-NC3000 would increase the airflow in the laptop and help it cool better.

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