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ADAG launches games portal Zapak, ropes in Salman Khan

$ 100 million to be pumped in; special zone with games on Salman.

November 27, 2006

The gaming is changing like never before. ADAG, spearheaded by Anil Ambani, has announced its mega entry into the scene unveiling its $1 million online casual gaming portal. 

The portal at has been launched in association with Bollywood actor Salman Khan. ADAG will pump in $100 million in this venture over the next three years, say reports. 

See what Salman has to say, “There is a gamer in each one of us. Gaming has the potential of becoming the next big passion in this country. My association with would give me a platform to showcase my creativity. Besides featuring in games on Bollywood stars, including me, I will also conceptualize some of the games.” So it is going to be a Bollywood idea zone with corporate excellence that will run the show. 

A zone on Salman Khan would be created on the gaming portal, which will host games on him. The actor has reportedly been roped in to work with the zapak team to conceptualize the games. The first game, already available on the site, is titled ‘Puppy-razzi’ and features in it Salman and his two dogs My Jaan and My Son. More Salman adventures are to debut soon. 

The gaming portal has been launched with over 150 games and would become more than double by the end of this year. Currently the genre of games available on the site includes action, puzzle, arcade, strategy, racing, sports and also multiplayer free-to-play games. 

With the gaming market expected to grow to $200 million by year 2010, ADAG sees the gaming portal as an important part of its entertainment strategy. The next three years will see a total of $ 100 million being put into play.


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