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YouTube on LG phones by end of 2007

5 July, 2007

LG Electronics will offer cell phones with an integrated YouTube client that will allow users to view and upload videos. The new phones are expected to hit the showrooms world wide at the end of 2007. Users will be able to shoot video on their handsets and send it directly to the popular online video site YouTube. In the meantime, YouTube had launched a version of its service formatted for cell phones and other mobile devices earlier this year.

It may be recalled that YouTube’s parent company Google already has an agreement in place with LG Electronics. In March 2007, the two companies
had reached an agreement to put various Google services on some models of LG cell phones. The first handset with such features, the LG-KS10, was
launched in Italy in April 2007 and comes with pre-installed Google search, Gmail for mobile, and Google Maps.

Besides, LG had also signed a similar agreement with Google’s rival Yahoo Inc. to put its services on some handsets. Specifically, LG will install Yahoo Go
for Mobile 2.0, Yahoo Mail, and Yahoo Messenger on some handsets, according to a report.

In some cases where the cellular carrier buys phones from LG and co-brands them, the software and features installed on the handset are decided by
the carrier. In these cases phones might carry none of the Google or Yahoo applications.






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