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Apple TV to feature YouTube content

5 June, 2007

Apple TV will soon feature the content from the popular video website, YouTube. From June onwards, the users of Apple TV's set-top box will be able to automatically stream the content from the video sharing website, YouTube.

As of now, the users of Apple TV can watch only the content stored in Apple's iTunes music and video library system.

This move by Apple to feature YouTube content on the Apple TV is expected to face several copyright issues for the company.

YouTube is currently being sued by the owner of MTV, Viacom as many users downloaded the content owned by Viacom, without the permission from the owners.

Apple has also announced that the members of the YouTube will be able to log on to the YouTube accounts through their Apple TV using the same accounts.

Apple has plans to sell an Apple TV with a greater capacity, 160GB, for USD 399.





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