Yamaha PDX-31 iPod, iPhone dock priced $170

Wednesday, October 27, 2010, 8:42 by Tech Correspondent

Yamaha has introduced a portable speaker dock, the PDX-31, for Apple’s iPhone and iPod. The speaker dock connects to the iPod or Iphone with Apple’s proprietary 30 dock connector. The PDX-31 is priced at $170.

However, the PDX-31 is not restricted to only Apple’s products. It can also handle other media players that use a 3.5mm stereo mini-jack, as it is equipped with an auxiliary line-in socket. Related: Top iPod / iPhone docks in US

The PDX-31 speaker dock comes with a premium sound system that has a dual-wall  construction sometimes described as a “box within a box”. It also features a built-in amplifier with 3.25-inch speakers. The unit has an auto power-off function for power saving. The Auto Power Off automatically switches the unit off after a certain time in order to save energy if there is no user activity or media connected.

yamaha pdx 31 ipod dock

Photo: Yamaha PDX 31 iPod/ iPhone dock

A thoughtful touch is the volume memory feature that remembers the volume level you had set the last time you docked your iPhone or iPod to it. This means, when next time you dock your device, the PDX-31 will not startle you with loud music, but will take off from the same level it was last set at.

Tom Sumner, President, Yamaha Electronics Corporation said in a press release, “Yamaha places a high premium on versatility in designing its products. The PDX-31 allows you to enjoy song files in several different ways, while offering great sound, effortless operation and sleek styling.”

The PDX-31 comes with a small remote. The remote helps users to easily navigate through the functions of their device. Also, users can browse menus and select songs through the remote control.

The PDX-31 speaker dock is available in dark red, black and light grey. The company claims that the PDX-31 offers superior sound quality with extremely low noise distortion. Moreover, it is a compact and light weight, making it portable enough to be taken anywhere.

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