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Yahoo Glue Pages offered as beta to Indian visitors

Yahoo introduces new search engine twist

16 May 2008

Yahoo has presented a new way to present search results that caters to its strength as an Internet portal. Glue Pages, which the company began offering in beta form to Yahoo search users in India, will combine traditional search results with a wealth of other related information.

Traditional search results appear in a strip on the left side of the page, while other modules appear that spotlight sponsored links, recipes, medical information, Wikipedia entries, stock charts, Flickr images, train schedules, restaurant lists, news, and even Google blog search results. This portal has been developed by the Yahoo India team. Currently this facility will be available only for Indian users.

It was Yahoo that pioneered Internet portals, all-purpose sites where people can find everything they need. But Google had beaten it by introducing a much stronger and user friendly model. With the new service, Yahoo is trying to regain its dominance Internet search business.

Glue Pages will have prominent sponsorship opportunities. While a normal Yahoo search at Yahoo.com, will have a list of conventional links; the same search if done at the ‘glued’ Yahoo.in site, brings up videos and You Tube clippings.

Glue Pages Beta collates and integrates the best information from across the web on a single topical page. It is currently available for select search terms across categories such as health, sports, entertainment, travel, technology and finance. Glue Pages Beta reults are displayed alongside the usual Yahoo!India search results. The concept uses intuitive search technology to identify the most relevant search queries alongside classic Yahoo India search results.





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