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To XBoX 360 or not to XBox 360?

The XBox 360 is out. Yesterday. The PS3 and Nintendo Revlution are not. What's a gamer supposed to do?





22nd November, 2005:

If you are like us, you will sit tight. That's because in an ideal world, one would like to see all the competitors before you plump for one. However, if all that makes too much sense and you want something right here, right now, pony up the dollars and make your way to the nearest store.

The XBOX 360 is a definite buy, if the other players don't exist for you. That is because the XBox 360 has a lot going for it. It is the center of Microsoft's home entertainment strategy, and a rather serious attempt to take a big bite out of the $ 25 billiion market for games worldwide. That's why we have not ahead of the other game consoles - Microsoft wants you to see it and feel awed now.

It's got three 3.2 GHz processor cores inside. That's two more than most high end computers have. Its got a removable hard drive in the high-end version, 512 MB of memory, 10 MB embedded RAm in the custom graphics card by ATI, high definition TV compatibility and resolution, you can stream media to it, and watch DVDs and photos and play audio form music players. Microsoft not only wants you to play games on it, but live somewhere in its vicinity, always. The lower end version of the XBox 360 is priced at $ 299, and the higher end version costs $ 399.

And that may be the reason why one may not want to buy it right now.

For, get all the needed accessories for online play and the cost goes up to almost $ 600. To enjoy the high end graphics, you will need to get yourself an expensive HDTV. Which most of us do not possess. And that can easily cost a couple of thousand dollars.

Next, there are only 18 launch game titles for the XBox 360. Three flagship game titles for the XBox 360 come from Microsoft - Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo and Project Gotham Racing 3. More may come out, and Quake 4 is one of the launch titles, but thats a little too little. And you can play earlier XBox games only if you have the higher end version priced at $ 399. Project Gotham Racing is believed to feature astounding graphics, but to see the best of that again you may need an HDTV.

Should you hold out for the Nintendo Revolution or the Playstation 3?

For one, Nintendo Revolution is going to be revolutionary. It will feature a new game controller, that looks like a TV remote but will enable you to play a swordflight like you hard a sword in your hard, use it like a gun or a tennis racket. In other words, its a 3-d, totally different way of interacting with a gaming console. And while it may not have the XBox's high-end graphics, they will be reasonable, and the controler may offer a totally new kind of immersion into the game.

The PS3, on the other hand, could turn out to be the most powerful of the lot with its supposedly revolutionary Cell processor, and this is the console which has the largest number of software titles to play. Backwards compatibility is guaranteed too.

We would wait. You may not, especially with Christmas gifting  season drawing closer.



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