WP7 phones in India soon

Tuesday, February 15, 2011, 11:56 by Tech Correspondent

Windows Phone 7 will make its official launch in India soon.

The company’s India development centre has modified the innovative applications of Bing for its launch in India. The launch date of the Windows Phone 7 is not been finalized as yet, but the company confirmed that Windows Phone 7 (WP7) devices will be launched in few months’ time.

There are a bunch of WP7 phones which are available abroad, but we don’t think there have been any official WP7 devices launched in India yet. US, of course, is the biggest market for smartphones – so India was not on the company’s priority list for sure.

nokia wp7 phone concept photo

Photo: Rendering of Nokia's WP7 phones

Part of the problem is that the minimum specs of WP7 phones were quite high-end, and there is no chance that they would become mass-market phones in India. When it comes to smartphones, WP7 phones will again have a tough time thanks to the well-entrenched position of Android phones in India. We are still unclear how Microsoft plans to sort out this problem.

The company claims that the response for the WP7 was good wherever it was launched. Amit Chatterjee, managing director of Microsoft India Development Centre explained, “It is said nine out of 10 users are recommending the phone to others. The key factor is about the applications. There are about 7,000 applications currently available. There is a developers’ community of about 20,000 people all over the world.”

He also mentioned that about 100 new applications are being added to the WP7 apps store every day and users are on an average downloading at least one application a day.

Windows Phone 7 has already been launched in the US and other countries with a number of manufacturers inclusing HTC, Samsung and Dell. WP7 OS includes Microsoft’s assets such as Office, Explorer and search engine Bing built-in. Embattled phone manufacturer Nokia recently announced that WP7 would form its main smartphone platform from now.

It is heard that Microsoft is likely to join hands with Nokia for exploring the Indian market for its Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft considers Bing as a decision engine, which it thinks is quite different from the other search engines. The company said that it will not just be a search engine, but will be a decision making engine, promising different experience to users. It is sure to give a different digital experience to users.

Microsoft’s Indian development centre is working very hard to get a good response for the two products in the Indian market. It is a known fact that rivals of Windows Operating system, Apple Inc’s iOS and Google Inc’s Android Operating system are doing excellent across the globe and in India too. Hence, MSIDC wants to leave no stone unturned to catch up to its competitors.

However, analysts believe that it will still be tough for the Microsoft products to compete in an Indian market where rivals have already established themselves. Gartner believes that it will take a major effort by Microsoft to penetrate the Indian market which is already dominated by the Symbian OS. Google is doing well too and iOS is also getting good response. Hence Microsoft will have to put in a lot of efforts to compete.

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