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Microsoft releases Windows Vista Beta 1


24th August, 2005: Windows users have been waiting for long for the arrival of the latest version of Windows that would replace the last version - Windows XP. The new operating system is named Windows Vista, which was formerly code-named Longhorn. 

Windows Vista is expected to promise the user of some new capabilities, but they are not in the beta 1 version. The folders and icons appear as translucent images, which gives a more prettier and cleaner look. 

The new Windows version offers a feature called "Virtual Folder" which stores information about documents, images or other file searches you've previously initiated. Each time the folder is opened, the stored searches run automatically. 

Other new elements in the operatng system include mainstream support for 64-bit computing, a number of new connectivity and mobility options, and tools designed to help large organizations deploy and manage Vista with greater ease.

The original version will be called beta 2, which promises some new end-user features. Through this version Microsoft plans to increase the efficiency and reduce the number of defects. It also wants to make improvements to user experiences such as changes in user interface. 

The user interface of Internet Explorer of the new Windows version is almost identical to that of previous versions of IE. The main difference of the new Internet Explorer is that it provides a tabbed browsing function, like the one you see in Mozilla Firefox. Instead of having a separate window for each web page, the user can open another tab and type the URL there. Though other browsers have been in the field of tabbed browsing long ago, it is the first time Microsoft has decided to have a look at it.

Windows Vista Beta 2 offers a new Windows Media Player, new photo-management features, updates to the Media Center and Tablet PC software, and a lot of the final visual look.

System requirements for the new Windows are a little bit high than the previous version. Vista's graphical interface requires a lot of processor horsepower and a stand-alone graphics card with DirectX 9.0 is recommended, along with at least 512 MB of DRAM and what Microsoft describes as a "modern" Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon processor.

The operating system comes on a DVD. Windows Vista offers the same security as that of Windows XP. Since Vista viruses have not been found out, the users no need to worry about security( atleast for now).

Microsoft Windows Beta 2 is expecting launch around the beginning of next year.



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