Windows 8 leaks reveal Ribbon UI, Web sharing

Tuesday, April 5, 2011, 12:42 by Tech Correspondent

The Ribbon user interface of Microsoft Office 2010 will be incorporated in the Windows Explorer of Windows 8, if leaked screenshots are to be believed.

The Ribbon UI has proved to be quite popular because of its intuitive nature and Microsoft has already added it to Windows Live Essentials apps, and WordPad and Paint of Windows 7.

Like the Ribbon gave instant access to common features and made hidden functions more discoverable in Office 2010, the UI will enhance quick synchronization of your PC or tablet with Cloud technology. Related: Office 2011 for Mac screenshots leaked

However, there were users who didn’t like the UI because it spelled non-familiarity and meant unlearning years of shortcuts. We are hoping there would be an option to turn off Ribbon for those who aren’t too fond of it.

Photo: Ribbon UI in Windows 8

There’s a Share tab for sending files through e-mail, fax or burner. Windows 8 will also be deeply integrated with Windows Live and there would be a feature that lets you remotely access your media by linking your online ID to your Windows user account. A Web Sharing tab would be present for the Cloud.

Microsoft is also coming up with a Windows App Store soon. The PDF Reader will also undergo a facelift. A leaked lock screen photo bears a striking resemblance to a Windows Phone 7 lock screen. Also see: WP7 phones in India soon

Other leaks hint at XBox 360 and Kinect-like navigation features being meshed into Windows 8 that would let you interact with online buddies and play PC games using Kinect technology. Let’s also not forget that Microsoft purchased gesture recognition specialist Canesta in October 2010.

Photo: Windows 8 lock screen

The leaked slides also suggest that Microsoft is not only working for traditional PCs and laptops with the Windows 8 OS, but also tablets. The “immersive” tile-based UI for tablets should support touch-based inputs and facial recognition technology.

Reports also hint at a ‘History Vault’ being added to Windows 8 that would backup your PC, much like the Apple’s Time Machine feature. Suggested read: Internet Explorer 9 free download available

Microsoft is expected to release a public beta of the Windows 8 by end of 2011, with the final version being released in 2012 following Microsoft’s 3-year release cycle for its operating systems. Windows Vista was released in 2006 and Windows 7 in 2009. Related: Windows 7 launched in India

Well, we simply can’t wait! Are you also looking forward to the super Windows 8? Let us know in comments!

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