Virgin Mobile Thumb Rule free sms offer in India

Tuesday, January 27, 2009, 9:28 by Tech Correspondent

Virgin Mobiles has introduced a new scheme in India that will allow its customers to send up to 200 SMSes per day, which includes 100 local and national SMSes free by paying for just 3 SMSes of each leg (National and Local) with no other hidden conditions applied.

The offer is named ‘The Thumb Rule’ referring to the fact that the thumb is used them most when typing and sending SMSes.

M. A. Madhusudan, Chief Executive Officer, Virgin Mobile, India said during the launch, “Our research shows that youth have a high propensity to consume mobile services and are looking for solutions that give them the flexibility to use mobile services as per their need. Youth around the country send 6 times as many SMSes and have a constant desire to connect and share with their large network of friends, peer groups, and family. They use SMSes as an important device to lead a life of their choice; zoning people in and out from their world as and when they want to and also use it as their Secret Messaging Service (SMS).

But, due to voice text pricing parity, sending SMSes are expensive and better deals are usually available only with packs or upfront commitment. However, now with our new free SMS proposition we believe that youth will take up to this medium in a big way and it will become the new voice of the youth.”

The Virgin Thumb Rule offer will be available to all Virgin Mobile subscribers without any extra monthly charge. The base tariff for the first three SMSes will be charged from subscribers, which is Rs 1 for each local SMS and Rs 1.50 for a national SMS. Consequently, the subscribers will get 200 free SMSes per day. All existing Virgin Mobile customers on the 50 paise STD Local tariff, and new subscribers can avail of this offer from January 25, 2009.

The existing subscribers of Virgin Mobiles, though, need to pay a small top up recharge of Rs 12, which is available across 50,000 outlets in the country. Virgin Mobile has business outlets in around 7400 cities across India.

Virgin Mobile users get other benefits too. Virgin mobile users gets credited with 10ps per minute for an incoming call from any other service provider.

Virgin Mobile recently launched a set of new handsets like ‘vKewl’, ‘vTrendy’, v’Desire’ and ‘vRange’, at very
reasonable prices.

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