Virgin Mobile $50 unlimited wireless calling plan launched

Thursday, April 9, 2009, 16:22 by Tech Correspondent

Virgin Mobile has started offering $50 unlimited wireless calling plans in the US. Virgin Mobile also unveiled a Pink Slip protection program for new mobile customers.

Virgin Mobile’s Pink Slip protection means the company will keep paying your mobile bills for three months in case you lose your job. The Pink Slip protection plan is expected to lure customers who may stay away from taking new connections due to job insecurities. The Pink Slip protection program kicks in after two months of using the Virgin Mobile connection.

Virgin Mobile’s $50 unlimited wireless mobile calling plan is $30 less than its current unlimited plan. With this, Virgin Mobile joins other service providers who offer unlimited wireless calling plans for $50.

Virgin Mobile said the new wireless service plans are targeted at the cost-conscious consumer who want to reduce cell phone service bills in a troubled economy.

Virgin Mobile doesn’t have its own network in the US, but leases minutes from Sprint. Sprint is already offering unlimited wireless calls from its network for $50 a month. Others like PCs and Leap already offer unlimited voice and data calls at a rate of 35 dollars to 50 dollars a month.

The new Virgin Mobile $50 unlimited wireless mobile plans start from April 15, Virgin said in a statement. Virgin also said there will be no roaming charges, and offers to add Unlimited Text & Messaging services for Just $10/Month. Virgin Mobile also said that soon, Unlimited 7PM Nights and Weekends for Just $39.99/Month will be launched.

The new $50 unlimited wireless mobile calling plan does not require any activation fee, and has no roaming fees. It doesnt come with a contract either.
Virgin Mobile also launched a “Texter’s Delight” plan, a prepaid service for those heavily using SMS services. It offers 1,000 messages for $15 or unlimited text and messaging for $20.

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