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Virgin Media, Cable & Wireless strike deal

22 May, 2007

Virgin Media, supplier of broadband, has announced a four-year deal with Cable and Wireless, which will supply wholesale broadband services to support Virgin Mediaís existing off-net customers as well as new customers.

The partnership will allow Virgin Media to offer broadband, television and phone packages to areas of the country which it cannot currently serve, according to a statement from Cable and Wireless.

Working with Cable and Wireless will provide access to an additional four million households, as well as providing an opportunity for the Virgin Media to offer its quadplay service to the 50% of homes outside the firmís cable network.

Neil Berkett, chief operating officer at Virgin Media, said the deal is great news for consumers and an important step towards making Virgin Media a truly national brand.

Virgin Media had recently announced that its board of directors had approved a 50% increase in the payment of the cash dividend for the companyís common stocks to 3.0 cents for the quarter.




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