ViewSonic G Tablet to run only Android 2.2

Monday, September 20, 2010, 19:31 by Tech Correspondent

ViewSonic’s new G tablet has been reviewed by LAPTOP magazine and the specs, price and demo have been outed on the Web for users to check out.

The 10.1-inch ViewSonic G Tablet, unlike the ViewPad 100 unveiled at IFA 2010, does not offer dual-booting for operating systems (The ViewPad 100 comes with a dual-booting option for loading either the Android 1.6 or Windows 7 Home Premium edition). What you will find though in the G Tablet is Android 2.2 aka “Froyo” (short for frozen yogurt) and NVIDIA’s ARM-based Tegra 2 processor.

The internal storage is ample at 16GB (expandable up to 32GB through microSD card) and 1GB of RAM.

Priced at $529, the ViewSonic G Tablet seems a tad expensive, especially since Apple’s Wi-Fi-only iPad is available in the market for a cheaper $499. However, the G Tablet could be a good option for those of you looking for an Android-based iPad alternative.

The tablet will be released in the US market in the second half of October as a standalone product, and can be picked up from Sam’s Club, Sears, Kmart and other leading retailers. Although any US cellular service carrier has yet to come on board for the device, ViewSonic is making available a standard SIM card slot on the G Pad, presumably for future roll-outs. The tablet also has hardware for 3G access on GSM networks (T-Mobile and AT&T in the US).

vewsonic g tablet photo

Photo: Viewsonic G Tablet

Photo courtesy Mobilemag

The Viewsonic G Tablet sports a display (1024×600 pixels resolution) that can detect your touch based on proximity. Though the pixel count on the iPad is a few notches higher, the G Tablet’s wider aspect ratio makes watching movies a treat.

On the high-definition video support front, too, the ViewSonic tablet scores over the iPad. The G Tablet plays HD video at 1080p (thanks to its NVIDIA Tegra 2 ARM Cortex A9 processor), a big leap the iPad’s Cortex A8 – based A4 processor which can support only 720p video.

Moreover, you can output HD video onto an HD TV through an inbuilt HDMI slot on the G Tablet. A more powerful processor also ensures an impressive gaming experience. The G Tablet also offers 3D graphics acceleration and Flash 10.1 compatibility.

That’s not all. The G Tablet is touted to a superior battery life compared to the iPad, thanks to its faster processor.Rumor has it that the ViewSonic G Tablet can manage up to 8hrs of battery life running full 1080p HD video content, and as long as 10 hrs for 720p and 10-12 hours for general purpose work or fun.

Other technical specifications of the Viewsonic G Tablet include multiple USB ports, Bluetooth 2.1 and Wi-Fi support, and a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera.

The 9.96 x 6.5 x 0.5-inches screen on the G Tablet is slightly larger than the iPad’s 9.56 x 7.47 x .5-inches. However, the ViewSonic device is pretty darn thin and light (1lb even).

With the tough competition in the tablet market, we expect the ViewSonic G Tablet’s price to drop below $500 soon.

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