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Vertu stuns with Ascent Ferrari 1947 mobile phone

27 August, 2007

It isn’t a car, but it has a Ferrari tag attached to it. Phone maker Vertu has launched its all new Vertu Ascent Ferrari 1947 Limited Edition mobile phone in India. It comes as a commemoration to Ferrari’s 60th anniversary. Incidentally the launch coincides with India celebrating its 60th year of independence as well.

According to a report, just 1947 pieces of this particular model will ever be made. The phones are numbered from 1 to 1947, it said. Vertu has worked closely with Ferrari’s design team to develop the Vertu Ascent Ferrari 1947 Limited Edition phone.

The Vertu Ascent Ferrari 1947 Limited Edition mobile phone handset uses hand-polished titanium for the chassis and even draws inspiration from Ferrari GT cars.

The phones come in Ferrari’s trademark colour, and also have a bezel nose on the front that features the famed Ferrari Prancing Horse. On the rear back plate, there is a scaled down iconic Ferrari brake pedal that has been crafted from high-graded aluminum. The Vertu Ascent Ferrari 1947 Limited Edition mobile phone has been handcrafted in the UK with the same precision and attention to detail given when assembling a Ferrari.

Incorporating four hours of talk time, with up to 270 hours standby, Bluetooth support, large memory capacity that can store up to 1000 numbers, 900 calendar notes and 100 SMSes, the Vertu Ascent Ferrari 1947 phone also features a high-resolution sapphire crystal screen, stainless steel keys, and jeweled bearings.

The main reason behind individually serializing the phone from numbers 1 to 1947 is to pay homage to the very year when the first car to bear the Prancing Horse marque was built by the founder Enzo Ferrari.

With only 1947 phones made, all of them are being auctioned at a price of Rs.3,89,000. The proceedings from the sale of these limited edition Vertu India phones will be donated to the Wadia Children’s Hospital.





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