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US Technology proposes IT hub in Kerala

26 May, 2007

The Infotech scene in Kerala is abuzz with activity these days. After the Technopark in Thiruvananthapuram came the Infopark in Kochi. The proposed Smart City project has also been flagged off.

Adding to all the excitement is US Technology, which aims to create a large IT hub in the state capital. The company, which caters to Fortune 500 companies by providing them with start-to-end IT services, plans to set up a 36-acre campus near the Technopark in Thiruvananthapuram.

According to the company, the proposed campus, when ready, will house three times the current number of IT professionals of over 4000 associates. To be built up on an area of 16,00,000 square feet in three phases, the US Technology Campus will stand out for its unique architectural style, ambient work spaces and eco-friendly operations.

A company note said that it will provide a serene information technology campus environment, complemented by landscaped courtyards and public spaces. Said the note: “Across its 36 verdant acres, the US Technology Campus will feature ‘connected’ buildings that enable people to work together easily. Informal meeting and reflection spaces will be accommodated by pavilions in the external environment. It will be operated round-the-clock, 365 days a year”.

The IT hub campus is expected to reflect the US Technology corporate culture, values, transparency, and world class standards. Most importantly, it will honor the legacy of the Company’s late founder chairman G A Menon, on whose values and philosophy US Technology is built, the company said.

According to a senior official, the US Technology Campus represents the company’s commitment to making Kerala a hub of IT services excellence. “The campus would be a center piece of our strategy providing a highly advanced work environment to be hyper competitive in global markets,” he added.




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