Trojan ZeuS attacks BlackBerry phones

Thursday, April 7, 2011, 12:38 by Tech Correspondent

Internet security from Trend Micro has identified a malware that is specifically targeting BlackBerry phones.

BlackBerry smartphones have remained spared from malware attacks over the years, but now there is news of a trojan variant ZeusS that is specifically targeting BlackBerry users. ZeuS variants targeting Windows and Symbian users have been spotted previously.

Trend Micro has identified the malware as BBOS_ZITMO.B. What makes the trojan extremely dangerous is the fact that it installs itself in the OS and cannot be seen in the list of applications. Suggested read: Android more vulnerable than Apple iOS

After successful installation, the trojan sends a confirmation message “App Installed OK,” to a U.K. number to signal that it is ready to receive commands. You can see that in the screenshot below.

Photo: SMS sent to botnet administrator

The trojan is specifically targeting BlackBerry smartphones’ SMS feature. Once installed successfully, ZeuS can do the following:

  • Display SMS: Unmonitored SMS will be treated as a normal SMS and will be displayed on the phone.
  • Delete/Drop SMS: SMS from hacker will not be seen by the user.
  • Forward SMS: Send SMS to hacker without the user’s knowledge.
  • Block Calls
  • Remove Block Calls
  • Set Administrator: Register a new administrator.
  • On/Off
  • Add Sender
  • Remove Sender
  • Set Sender
  • Block/Unblock Phone Numbers

What the hacker basically tries to do here is get access to your private information, especially if you use mobile banking through your phone. Related: Trojan Geinimi targets Android phones

Many BlackBerry users are young professionals who use mobile banking through their phones and they need to be remain cautious while installing applications. Also, do not click links sent by unknown users as they may download malicious applications on your phones. Also seeAnti-virus apps for smartphones

Source: Trend Micro

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