Toshiba 3D television models won’t require special glasses

Thursday, August 26, 2010, 9:26 by Tech Correspondent

Toshiba is making a 3D TV that does not require special glasses to be viewed. For this, Toshiba has developed a technology in which the screen emits several rays of light at varying angles so that the stereoscopic images can be viewed without the need for special glasses.

This upcoming 3D television from Toshiba will be at least 21 inches large. Without glasses, the images are likely to appear more realistic since the eye catches a lot of detail from its corners that are not visible through glasses.

Toshiba’s 3D TV will be the world’s first 3D television that won’t require special glasses to be viewed. It will create an illusion of dimension in the viewer’s mind, and will prevent the eyes from getting fatigued very fast.

Sony Bravia 3D TVs

Sony recently announced full HD 3D TVs in its Bravia line. The Sony 3D Bravia televisions will be launched in the UK towards the end of the year. These televisions come packaged with 3D content from Sony Pictures, and 3D games that can be played on Sony’s Playstation. The 3D Bravias can connect to the web to show videos from YouTube and other websites as well.

Samsung too has brought a range of 3D TVs to market. Like the Sony Bravia 3D televisions, Samsung’s 3D TVs also show full HD video and can be connected to the net, or to certain Samsung phones through a feature called AllShare, to show content from there.

Both the Samsung and Sony Bravia 3D TVs can also download and use widgets of Facebook, Flickr etc. such that it is possible to view photographs from Facebook on one’s Samsung or Sony Bravia 3D TV.

Since internet connectivity, full HD, and basic net browsing are the norms with this type of television, it is likely that Toshiba’s 3D televisions will also offer these features.

Both the Samsung and Sony 3D TVs need to be viewed using special 3D glasses though.

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