Tata DoCoMo revises 3G data plans in response to Reliance 3G services launch

Wednesday, December 15, 2010, 14:55 by Tech Correspondent

Tata DoCoMo has revised its 3G data usage plans and has introduced new tariff vouchers and daily packs for prepaid 3G subscribers.

In November, Tata DoCoMo announced the launch of its 3G services in India. At that time, the company did not introduce “cheap” tariff that public was expecting, disappointing its customers all over. Hence, to cover up and make 3G more affordable, Tata DoCoMo has introduced new tariff schemes and revised its existing data usage plans. Of course, with the launch of Reliance 3G Services, a price war was in the offing. Reliance has launched 3G mobile services in four cities — Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chandigarh. Also see: Best 3G data plans in India

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Photo: Tata DoCoMo

The new data packs from Tata DoCoMo comprise of Rs. 90, Rs. 200, Rs. 351, Rs. 501, Rs. 751, Rs. 1001 and Rs. 2001. The tariff plans offers data usage of 200MB, 500MB, 750MB, 1.25GB, 2GB, 5GB and 15GB respectively. Tata DoCoMo tariff plans have the validity of 30 days.

Apart from this, Tata DoCoMo has also launched daily packs called “Sachets” for Rs. 9, Rs. 11, Rs. 19, Rs. 21, Rs. 22, Rs. 24, Rs. 38 and Rs. 39. All sachet vouchers come with a validity of 1 day except for the Rs. 38 and Rs. 39 vouchers that offer validity of 3 days.

— Vouchers of Rs. 9 and Rs. 11 offer data usage up to10MB.
— Vouchers of Rs. 19, Rs. 21, Rs. 22 and Rs. 24 offer data usage up to 50MB.
— Vouchers of Rs. 38 and Rs. 39 offer data usage up to 150MB.

Also, Tata DoCoMo has introduced a full-talk time voucher for Rs. 200 that offers talktime of Rs. 200 plus downloads at the rate of 50p/MB. The validity of this voucher is 30 days.

3G has become the most talked about topic in India. Companies like Reliance, BSNL and MTNL have been launching new tariff plans often that seem to be really effective. (You can read more about BSNL’s unlimited 3G data plan for Rs. 700/month here.) Let’s compare these tariff plans with Tata Docom’s 3G tariff plans and other schemes.

Tata DoCoMo has segmented its data offering based on the phone used by the customer. This means non-flexibility for the customers. Reliance does not do that, hence giving users the liberty to use data packs according to their preference. This means you can avail 3G services from your mobile or your laptop. Related: 3G service providers in India

Similarly, Reliance’s data packs are not based on speed. So, whether your device offers high speed or not, it doesn’t affect your data speed at all. You can enjoy higher speeds with same plan, hence benefiting the user as he doesn’t need to pay higher price to access higher speed.

Mobile TV is another key area in 3G offerings. Players like BSNL and MTNL do not charge separate data download charges. But Tata DoCoMo, on the other hand, is charging for data separately, apart from the rental of 1p/KB. This makes the deal expensive for the user.

In 3G world, only the player offering best and cheapest data services will rule. With both public and private companies changing their tariffs in order to compete with each other, customer is the king.

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  1. MJ4Ever said on Thursday, December 16, 2010, 10:04

    I agree customer will be king if telco’s keep on reducing their rates. But on the other hand Tata docomo is a telco which has always beleived in charging the cheapest rates. With introduction of more operators launching their 3G services, i think tata docomo’s rates will go down further..so actually if you look at it ultimately the Tata docomo customer is king!

  2. rakesh said on Thursday, December 30, 2010, 16:51

    at present bsnl 3g data plans is best re 98 only validity 30 days data 2gb
    hai kisi main itna dum???