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Sony introduces line of VAIO notebooks


31 August, 2005: Sony Electronics has unveiled its latest update to VAIO(R) Professional notebooks, combining a choice of display sizes, swappable accessories and multiple configuration options into a single platform. The notebook is expected to meet the requirements of business managers and IT planners alike. 

The new VAIO BX Series of notebooks from Sony features Sony's AdaptivePlus(TM) technology, incorporating flexibility, security and communications features for progressive, cost-effective IT resource management. The notebook's modular approach to accessories and peripherals offer the IT managers to have a variety of options best fit an organization's workforce from road warriors to desk jockeys.

The Sony BX series comes in 14-inch, 15.4 and 17-inch wide screen sizes. The same optional accessories such as a docking station with battery charger, standard and large capacity batteries and wireless presentation mouse can be used across the series so accessories can be shared and costs reduced.

Sony's multi-function bay offers the user to swap out powerful peripherals, such as a DVD+/-RW, +R double layer drive or an 80GB hard drive bay unit. 

The Sony's BX Series will also have a longer lifecycle than the typical retail shelf life for consumer notebooks, ensuring businesses a stable platform. The line of VAIO notebooks is Cisco v.3-compliant, which makes it easy to deploy over existing corporate networks that utilize Cisco management applications. 

"By providing a single platform and cross-compatible peripherals the latest edition to the VAIO Professional line provides an innovative approach and flexible option for companies," said Mike Abary, vice president of VAIO product marketing for Sony Electronics. "We believe that this new modular solution combined with leading-edge security features will substantially reduce IT manpower and the total cost of ownership for businesses."

When it comes to security, the BX Series notebook line incorporates a Trusted Platform Module (TCG Ver.1.1b compliant) to set the level of security on a specific client/user basis. The IT managers can dial in the specific level of access, since the data can be encrypted over a local network or Internet. 

Sony's VAIO BX Series features an integrated biometric fingerprint sensor, which delivers personal security and eliminates the need to remember different corporate passwords. This facility eliminates the IT managers from tedious password reset calls.

The BX Series comes equipped with Sony's SmartWi(TM) technology, which allows users to easily toggle between various connectivity options including WWAN, WLAN for connections at home, office or hotspots or Bluetooth(R) technology for communication with Bluetooth-enabled peripherals such as a PDA, cellular phone or wireless headset.

Since the BX Series features an optional built-in camera and Sony's Instant Video Everywhere(TM) or IVE service powered by GlowPoint, the notebook is ready for instant real-time video conferencing. Hence, the workers can have virtual face-to-face meetings whether participants are in the office or off-site.

The line also has a power saving feature for mobile usage called VAIO Power Management Viewer(TM), for setting power modes to control the balance of stamina and performance required.

The VAIO Professional BX Series notebook line will hit the market in mid-October. The starting price is about $1,300.


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