Sony dual-view TV for 3D gaming demoed

Wednesday, February 23, 2011, 8:59 by Tech Correspondent

Sony plans to release a dual-view 3D mode for its PlayStation 3 gaming console.

Dual-mode 3D will in future enable two people to play 3D games on the same screen such that neither will be able to view what the other player is doing. This function will replace the split screen view in PlayStation.

It works like a hologram that appears to be two different images when viewed from two angles. Player 1 will see his game on the whole screen, while Player 2, sitting at the same, but negative angle to the TV as the first player, will see nothing of the first player’s game, and instead all of his own. Also see: Sony PlayStation Move in India

sony dual-view tv photo

Photo: Sony dual-view TV

At a recent technology demonstration event which used a 55-inch Bravia 3D TV to showcase Sony’s Killzone 3 game on dual view, people could see both players’ games simultaneously sitting directly in front of the TV. They had to shut one of the eyes and then they could see one game at a time.

The only problem with the technology is that it will require people to use headphones. If Sony makes non-intrusive, small, wireless headphones, people will be able to watch two programmes simultaneously as well.

How is dual view different from PIP?

Dual view is very different from picture in picture (PIP) TVs that display a main channel and a window embedded in a corner of the main picture showing another channel, though sound usually comes from what’s playing on the main display.

Glasses-free 3D technology used

Glasses-free 3D technology, such as the one Sony has used in its dual-view 3D display, uses the concept of parallax to display 3D. The idea it to display two images of the same object, taken from two different angles to give an estimation of depth. Related: iPod Touch may features glasses-free 3D

This technology is increasingly being used in televisions, laptops, tablets, smartphones and gaming consoles. Practically all display technology companies have invested in glass-free 3D. These include software firms such as Google, and hardware makes like Toshiba, Samsung, Apple, Sony, LG, etc.

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