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Sony recalls 3,50,000 Cyber-Shots

21 August, 2007

As many as 350,000 Cyber-Shot digital cameras are being recalled worldwide by Japanese electronics giant Sony Corp. The reason being stated is that the metal coating on the cameras was peeling off and could scratch the user's hand.

Sony is recalling the model Cyber-Shot DSC-T5 that was released in September 2005. The company has put an end to the manufacture of the popular Cyber-Shot DSC-T5 as the coating did not have enough adhesive strength. It has been noticed that the coating was peeling off and curling up, hurting users' hands.

The company has ever since received over 30 complaints in Japan itself. Several similar cases have been reported worldwide too. Users who suffered paper cut-like scratches have complained of the low quality coating. As many as 66,000 of the cameras covered by the recall are circulating in Japan and the rest overseas.

In November 2006, Sony had announced a voluntary recall of eight types of Cyber-Shot digital cameras due to a possible glitch with the image sensor. Sony has been going through a bad patch with recalls of millions of its laptop computer batteries for fear they might catch fire.





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