Sony active shutter 3D glasses priced $149

Friday, July 16, 2010, 14:08 by Tech Correspondent

Sony has started selling their active shutter glasses priced $ 149 for 3D televisions.

Available at Sony stores and a bunch of other retailers, the new active shutter glasses would help you transform your home theater settings into a 3D experience.

If you currently own or intend to buy a new high-end Sony 3D LX900 model television set, these are the accessories you will need to pick. The active shutter glasses, named Sony TDGBR100B, for 3D TVs are yours for $149 each. High-end television sets such as the LX900 already come with two pairs of glasses, but for a complete 3D experience you will need to go for the latest innovation from the company.

Enabled to work with Sony’s HX800, HX909 3D TV sets besides LX900 3DTVs, the new active shutter glasses would need a bit of charging. The batteries come boasting of life up to 100 full hours on a single charge. In case you have a 3D Blu-ray player, you may have to shell out an additional $48 for an emitter which would help you in adding to the absolute three-dimensional movie viewing.

Reports suggest that Sony might ship two pairs of glasses and the emitter free-of-cost with its high-end LX900 TV. However, if the whole family or friends join in for a home theater session, you might just need to have two more ready.

The Sony active shutter 3D glasses are also available on at the same price.

Sony, in fact, seems have some good strategy up their sleeve with the new glasses. By offering them separately, the company seems to be spurring buyers to go for those high-end 3D TVs.

And if you buy one of those models, there isn’t any doubt as to why you wouldn’t buy an extra pair of glasses too. The price looks a bit on the higher side, but then we don’t think no one would say no to an extra pair that can be picked up separately.

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