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Boosting SMS, the Affle way

Affle launches SMS 2.0 in India and Singapore in partnership with Nokia.

27 June, 2007

The technology that revolutionised communication has just got a facelift. An enhanced version of SMS (short message system) that would allow users to view more content and do searches on their mobile phones has just hit the hot spot in the market places all over.

The new technology comes courtesy of Britain-based technology company Affle. The company has unveiled SMS 2.0 which maintains the simplicity and ease of text messaging, but adds more choices for the mobile phone user, an agency report said. Significanty, the first launches happened in Singapore and India. Affle has said that Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, China, Taiwan, Japan and Australia are expected to be added to coverage within the next two years.

Top Affle officials added that many of the SMS 2.0 content would be offered free-of-cost. They will be financed by advertisements which promise to be unobtrusive on the screen. Meanwhile, the cost of sending a text message would be unchanged, Affle said. This tech innovation may be considered a first of its kind and takes off from the concept of text messaging.

How does SMS 2.0 work? Once a switches on his mobile phone, SMS 2.0 is launched by default. The rest remains the same on how one used to send or receive text messages. The Additions include the array of content banners on the bottom end of the screen, which offer news, astrology, travel, videos and what not. The company has hinted at plans to add a search option too.

On the business part, Affle has initially partnered with phone-maker Nokia for the handsets. Media company GroupM, part of London-based communications services giant WPP Group, will support its expansion plans, a report said. In the Indian scene, leading telecom player Airtel and Times Internet Ltd have been roped in as partners.





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