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Sharp 812SH mobile phone


January 16, 2007: Sharp is offering 20 colours for its 812SH mobile phone. The colours offered ranges from white to pink to gold to mint green. The Sharp 812SH mobile phone has a 2.4 inch display (240 x 320 pixels) which supports 260,000 colors.

The Sharp 812SH cell phone also has a 0.8 inch OLED display. A 2 megapixel camera with video recording facility is also included in the cell phone. The Sharp 812SH also offers a Micro SD card slot (up to 1GB).

For wireless payments, the integrates Felica facility and a face recognition software included in the mobile phone will not open the phone unless it is you. The dimensions of the Sharp 812SH mobile phone are 499717.6mm.



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Sharp 812SH mobile phone

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