Sharp Aquos Quattron 3D TV models soon

Thursday, June 3, 2010, 19:45 by Tech Correspondent

Sharp goes 3D with new Aquos Quattron line

Japanese electronics major Sharp has launched its new 3D TV line named Aquos Quattron. With the new roll out, the company joins the ranks of Samsung and Sony among television manufacturers who offer 3D televisions.

The new Sharp Aquos Quattron 3D TV brand currently consists of range comprises four models. These 3D TV models from Sharp are the first ever television sets which come with the color yellow in the display in addition to the traditional red, green and blue. This would make images displayed brighter and enhance the definition as well.

The Sharp Aquos 3D LCD TV set would require viewers to use special eye gear for watching 3D content. All 3D television sets currently in the market require you to wear 3D glasses – no way around that, for now. Glass-less 3D TV viewing is some years away for sure. Related: Sony Bravia 3D TV models & prices

Programs in 2D format can be converted to 3D for enhanced viewing experience. The glasses are AN – 3DG10, which are approximately 75 pounds a pair and use a unique technology whereby viewers can adjust shutter sync in order to go back and forth from 2D to 3D. So if you want to give your eyes a rest, you can flip back to normal 2D viewing, while those who you are watching with can continue watching the content in 3D. This is a useful feature indeed, considering that there are many who are not comfortable watching 3D movies or television due to a variety of reasons; in fact, Samsung had come out with a set of 3D TV health warnings recently.

The Sharp Aquos Quattron 3D TVs also have the capacity for the 3D visual to be toned down to the usual 2D format. This is an option that is unique to Sharp’s product. The Aquos Quattron series has TV sets coming in 40, 46, 52 and 56-inch sizes, with a thickness of 3.9 mm, which operate on LED backlight technology. A signaling technology known as FRED and UV2A panels has been incorporated in order to minimize crosstalk and enhance brightness. Among the other features are Wi-Fi and USB video recording capability, which were not available on the earlier Quattron range. Related: LG Infinia 3D televisions

Sharp officials say this range is set to start sales in Japan in late July, and in the US, Europe and China markets by the end of 2010. Prices for this range have not been announced yet. Sharp’s Aquos Quattron 3D Quattron range will be available in the UK by the end of the year.

Sharp has also announced that it plans to launch two new Aquos Blu-Ray recorders, which support high definition 3D disk playback; and 3D Blu-Ray disk players Aquos BDHDW700 and BD-HDW 70. Sharp also brought out an LCD touchscreen in April, which shows 3D images to be used in mobile phones, digital photo frames, cameras and games consoles. As in the past, the rise of 3D filmmaking has spurred the technology industry to focus on the possibilities that the 3D format holds.

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