Sharp 3D LCD TV soon: Price, specs to come soon

Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 15:41 by Tech Correspondent

Sharp Corp has also jumped into the fray of 3D television business after Samsung, Sony, LG and Panasonic announced the launch of their 3D TVs.

Sharp announced that it will launch the world’s first four-primary colour 3D LCD television sets this summer for Japan, and before March 31, 2011, for US, Europe and China. Related story: LG Infinia LE9500 3D TV launched; Infinia LED HDTV series coming

According to the company, its LCD set will be brighter than its competitors. The four-colour technology, where the set uses red, green, blue and yellow instead of the standard RGB colour display, is said to provide a better, brighter and more vivid colours.

Remember that all this interest in 3D televisions started because of that one movie last year: Avatar.

Sharp also claims that the 3D image of its television would be superior to its competitors as it features the side-mount scanning LED backlight technology, which reduces crosstalk – an effect in 3D sets that causes a ghost image to appear onscreen (even when wearing glasses) similar to a double exposure photograph. The system optimises LCD for 3D TV by increasing screen brightness when displaying 3D images 1.8 times higher than that of the conventional displays. This is a proprietary technology, which makes the images flash faster than existing 3D TVs. This is said to reduce the flickering or blurring characteristic of 3D TVs as different images are sent to the right eye and left eye to create the illusion of depth. You might also like to read this story: Panasonic 3D HDTV at CES 2010

Sharp explained that most 3D LCDs use a system based on time-sequential display technology using special active LC (liquid crystal) shutter glasses. Images intended for the left and right eye on the LCD screen are presented sequentially, alternating between the two perspectives. Sharp’s new 3D LCD system combines five proprietary LCD technologies, including UV2A technology, Sharp’s core LCD TV panel technology, four primary-color technology, FRED technology and side-mount scanning LED backlight technology. Related: 3D TV channel from Sony, IMAX and Discovery

The company forecasts that 5 to 10 per cent of its total television sales will come from 3D sets by March 2011 owing to the popularity of the technology among consumers. Sharp expects the number to double to 20 or even 30 per cent of the total television sales by 2012. The company will disclose prices and other details next month. Related: Sharp 3D cameraphone launch soon

Sharp’s entry into 3D market will intensify competition among Japanese and Korean electronics makers, which are already in the market with their 3D TVs. Samsung, Panasonic and Sony (Related: Sony Bravia 3D TV for India) have all either come out with 3D TVs or planned sets for this year.

Earlier, Sharp had come out with smaller 3D displays, suited for handheld game machines, which don’t require special glasses. The no-glasses technology works only when the distance between the viewer and the screen is set. It is not applicable when people are seated in different places.

3D televisions are touted to be the next cutting edge technology for 2010, but people are still reluctant to shift to this technology. The higher cost and complexity of producing 3D content, the special glasses that need to be used and the fact that millions of people have invested in standard HDTVs are major deterrents. Despite this, major television makers are betting on 3D televisions.

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