Sanyo DMX-CA100 Full HD waterproof camcorder unveiled

Monday, May 31, 2010, 21:19 by Tech Correspondent

Sanyo Electric has announced the Full HD waterproof camcorder in the Xacti series called the DMX-CA100.

Sanyo DMX-CA100 Full HD waterproof camcorder photo

The dual camera can operate for a period of 60 minutes when submerged in up to 3 meters of water. There is no information yet on the price of the Sanyo Xacti DMX-CA100 camcorder yet, however.

Sanyo is targeting the average consumer with the Xacti DMX-CA100 Full HD waterproof camcorder and has made the camera easy to handle and use besides making it waterproof for this purpose. The DMX-CA100 camcorder can record videos in up to 1080p and has a 14 megapixel CMOS sensor. The high-speed sensor allows the user to shoot 14 pictures of 14 megapixels each at 1 frame per second and 22 pictures at 2 megapixels each at 7 frames per second in the continuous mode. This can be done using the High-Speed Sequential Shooting feature that is present in the device. The videos shot on the device are recorded in the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 format which allows for easy viewing of videos on the PC as a single file.

The Sanyo Xacti DMX-CA100 Full HD waterproof camcorder can operate easily in depths of up to 3 meters and can continue shooting underwater for almost an hour. The body of the camera is itself waterproof, so there is no need for a second waterproof cover to be added while shooting underwater. Underwater HD video capturing can be done in 60i and 30p.

The Sanyo Xacti DMX-CA100 camcorder in designed in a way that makes it easy for the user to handle the camera and use it easily. The user can switch from the video to photo mode and back very easily by pressing a single button at the back of the camcorder. The camera can shoot 14 megapixel photos and high-definition videos of 1080p. It features optical zoom as well with 12x zoom that extends the ‘zoom range’ from 40 mm to 480 mm in two separate modes.

The device comes with a new image-processing engine that is said to ensure a sharp image underwater as well as out of the water. The photo feature also includes a digital image stabilizer with a ‘face-chasing’ feature that can track up to 12 faces in an image.

The Sanyo Xacti DMX-CA100 Full HD waterproof camcorder offers support for many storage devices, including SD, SDHC and SDXC cards. The mini HDMI present on the gadget allows HD videos to be viewed in other external devices. A USB port is present as well.

Sanyo has announced that the Full HD DMX-CA100 waterproof camcorder will release by the end of June. However, the pricing of the device has not been revealed.

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