Samsung rolls out five new ST series point-and-shoot cameras

Thursday, January 20, 2011, 8:01 by Tech Correspondent

Samsung has introduced a set of five new low to medium range point and shoot cameras as part of its ST series. The cheapest in the lineup is the ST30 priced at $100 while the top-end 16 mega pixel ST6500 costs $230.

Samsung’s new ST series is expected to hit stores around March.

Samsung ST6500 – $230 Technical Specifications

The body of ST6500 curves around the lens and is angled in away that is said to make it a steady fit in one’s hand. According to Samsung, “The high-performing, stylish design means the ST6500 is the camera that lets you make a style statement at the latest party or social event.”

samsung st6500 photo

Photo: Samsung ST6500

Samsung ST6500 uses a 16 mega pixel sensor and a 26 mm wide angle lens with up to 5x zoom. It has a 3 inch multi touch LCD touchscreen at the back with Smart Touch 3.0 user interface. It can capture 720p high definition video. Recording HD video can also be played back on the Samsung ST6500. The camera has a Smart Auto feature and a pre loaded image editing program. ST65000 comes with Magic Frames – a pack of 12 templates with different background properties that can be customized, and can be used to make postcards and posters etc easily. ST65000 has an advanced Smart Filter 2.0 that allows enhanced video filtering with different colors.

The ST95, ST90 and ST65 Technical Specifications

The ST95, ST90 and ST65 boast impressive performance features within their ultra-slim line design. With each device measuring 16.5mm (ST90) or 17mm (ST95 and ST65), all three cameras can effortlessly slip into any jacket pocket for added portability. They come in wide variety of colors.

The compact models incorporate leading features to maximize performance in any situation, delivering high image quality. These features include a 26mm wide lens on the ST95 and ST90, and a 27mm wide lens on the ST65 plus a 5x optical zoom lens, to ensure users can capture every detail within the frame while delivering a deeper image perspective. The camera range also boasts 16 megapixels for the ST95 and 14 megapixels for the ST90 and ST65, delivering sharp, crisp and highly detailed photographs in any environment. Whether the user wants to capture the perfect shot of friends or the latest scenic setting from their hotel window, the intelligent Smart Auto system chooses from 16 different landscape and portrait modes (15 modes on the ST65) to automatically select the appropriate settings allowing you to capture the perfect image or so Samsung says.

Samsung ST30 – $100 Technical Specifications

ST30 has a 1.3 inch display. It uses a 10 mega pixel lens with 3x zoom and the equivalent of a 28 mm focal length. Samsung’s ST30 comes with Smart Auto features as well as Perfect Portrait System, face detection, blink detection, smile shot, beauty shot, self portrait, smart album etc. The device uses a camera that has to be charged within the camera, which means that you can’t shoot pictures using a backup battery while the first battery is being charged. Samsung’s ST30 might not be the best for low light situations, but for taking still pictures under normal settings, the camera seems to be ideal.

Samsung has yet to make serious headway in the digital camera market dominated by the likes of Canon, Nikon and Sony. And for that it must either offer great value (price) or outstanding photo quality. The first the new range does not offer so unless the photo quality somehow tends to be magical (usually tough to pull off), this will be another series without a strong purpose on the market.

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