Samsung Mini N148 netbook + 250GB HDD + Sleeve + Speaker = Rs. 17,699

Wednesday, April 6, 2011, 8:37 by Tech Correspondent

Here’s something that would snap you out of your mid-week afternoon slump.

We have dug up an amazing offer that would get you Samsung Mini N148 netebook with a slipskin, a 250GB hard drive, and a mini speaker for just Rs. 17,699. Letsbuy is offering a combo deal on these products, which entitles you to a 20 percent discount on the MRP of Rs. 22,355.

About Samsung N Series notebooks

The N series netbooks from Samsung are stylish, powerful and affordable. The Samsung netbooks deliver up to 13.5 hours (6 cell 5900mAh)/10.0 hours (6 cell 4400mAh) of battery life, which is excellent for those who want their entertainment on-the-go. It sure helps that these netbooks weigh just 1.24kgs. RelatedSamsung notebooks and netbooks in India

Photo: You get all this in Rs. 17,699

The Samsung Mini N148 netbook that you get in this deal is powered by a 1.66MHz Intel Atom processor and runs DOS operating system. Intel GMA3150 GPU is integrated in the netbook. You get 1GB DDR3 RAM and 250GB internal storage.

The N Series is available in a variety of colors and the durable casing protects against scratches and fingerprints. The 10.1-inch LED anti-reflective display performs well even in direct sunlight. Also seeFuture of netbooks

Samsung claims that its N Series netbooks power up in as little as 3 seconds. As a form of data protection, the Samsung netbooks back up data onto HDD as well as memory, so, even if the battery dies or power is suddenly lost, all your contents will saved just as you left them, once you restart.

Samsung N Series netbooks are cleverly styled with an integrated hinge. That means the screen blends together seamlessly with the keyboard even when it’s open, which makes adjusting the screen easier.

Other products offered in the deal

You get an 2.5-inch IOMEGA Select 250GB portable hard disk drive which doesn’t an external power source. You can just plug and play it with your Mini N148 netbook. Suggested read:Seagate launches world’s thinnest portable hard drive

Also featured is a netbook slipskin or sleeve to ensure that your Samsung Mini is protected from dust, scratches and bumps. If you are a student or you want to use your Mini on the go, you may want to toss it inside your bag (at 1.24kg, you’ll hardly notice the weight), and this is when it becomes important that the netbook is protected from the elements, courtesy the slipskin.

The Samsung Mini N148 comes with HD quality speakers, however, if you are watching a movie on the netbook, you would probably want to notch up the sound a bit higher. You will find the X-Mini speaker pretty handy then. It would also be great during the video calls and listening to music.

Check out Letsbuy for complete details of this deal.

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