Samsung is 3D TV sales leader of 2010 so far

Saturday, June 5, 2010, 21:23 by Tech Correspondent

Samsung is reportedly storming the 3D TV scene by pocketing 90 per cent of the market.

According to figures from various sources, Samsung’s 3D TV sales have touched at 270,000 sets worldwide. The 3D TV models that Samsung offers come with features such as 3D HyperReal Engine, option to change 2D visual to 3D, Wide Color Enhancer Plus feature and Internet @TV.

Samsung has said that it expects to sell 600,000 3D televisions in the first six months of 2010. The company is already the leader in the flat panel HDTV segment, with 18 per cent market share. Samsung has already expanded its 3D TV line up by introducing a new series of 3D LED TVs. Related: 3D TV models and prices in India

Ever since 3D televisions made their entry at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that was held in January 2010, companies such as Panasonic and Samsung have launched and announced their 3D TV models. Meanwhile, more Sony and LG television sets with 3D features are expected to arrive in time for the summer season. The opening of the 3D movie Avatar had prompted companies to look at this genre of products, and now Samsung has emerged on top in a highly competitive scenario. Related: Samsung 3D TV health warnings

With Samsung on top, Panasonic is likely to be the second biggest seller of 3D TVs, with its plasma sets being the cheapest option available in this segment. LG has started sales of its 3D sets in April 2010, while Sony plans to have its out in time for the World Cup 2010. Sony already has Bravia 3D TV models out in the market.

Despite those numbers, 3D television sales are still not as high as many were hoping – and the main reason is are the high prices – the 3D TV sets don’t come cheap. Further, quality 3D entertainment content is still scarce – not many 3D programs or movies are available to watch. Also, the 3D experience, as viewed on a big theatre screen would be impossible to replicate on a screen that is a maximum of 60 inches. However, research firm iSuppli’s projections show that 3D TV sales are expected to grow quickly, reaching a possible 12 million by 2011.

One of the largest electronic appliance manufacturers in the world, Sharp, has also launched a bunch of Aquos Quattron 3D television models recently.

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