Samsung Gravity Touch phone on Bell and Virgin Mobile

Thursday, July 22, 2010, 14:54 by Tech Correspondent

Samsung Gravity Touch is a 2.8 inch touchscreen, full QWERTY slider phone

samsung gravity touch photo

Photo: Samsung Gravity Touch

The Gravity Touch is not a large phone with a 2.8 inch resistive touch screen – but you get a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard, helpful for those who are into typing out long-ish text messages or emails. It is compatible with Microsoft Exchange, and the TouchWiz UI takes care of your user experience.

The Samsung Gravity Touch comes with a very acceptable 2 mega pixel camera with video recording capability. Weighing 4.23 ounces, the phone combines 50 MB on-board memory, expandable to 16 GB via a microSD card.

The Samsung Gravity T (we are not sure why it is called just ‘T’ by many) comes with a customizable Command Bar for shortcuts to applications. Thanks to the Social Buzz application, users can have access to popular networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

Moreover, the phone comes with three scrollable workspaces and an expanded menu for widgets. Hence, the user can drag and drop widgets and organize them as per their convenience. The phone also comes with a few pre-loaded applications like YouTube, Google Maps and Assisted GPS.

Its ‘smart unlock’ feature takes the user directly to the key application when unlocking the screen. Moreover, the Samsung Gravity Touch mobile phone includes an e-mail client with support for Microsoft Exchange corporate e-mail and a full HTML browser with one-finger zoom.

And for music lovers, the Gravity Touch phone comes with a built-in MP3 player.

On Virgin, the phone is priced at $49 on a 2-year contract and $179 no-contract. On Bell, the Samsung Gravity Touch is priced at 49.95 on a 3-year contract; $99.95 on a 2-year contract; $129.95 on a 1-year contract an outright purchase price of $179.95. For all those looking for QWERTY keyboard touch screen stylish phone, this is a product to watch out at a decent price.

We expect that the Samsung Gravity Touch would make it to India in a short while considering that this is not a very pricey phone.

Samsung recently launched its Galaxy S and Wave phones to much acclaim. The company is also manufacturing its handsets with their own Bada OS.

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