Samsung Galaxy S nears 10 million in sales

Thursday, December 23, 2010, 15:27 by Tech Correspondent

Probably the most successful Android phone yet, Samsung Galaxy S is set to reach the magic figure of 10 million sales.

When Galaxy S was released in the summer of 2010, Samsung said it wants to overtake Apple iPhone and aims to sell 10 million Galaxy S phones by year-end.  The company has announced that it has sold 9.3 million units so far and hopes to reach the target number before the holiday season is over. Also see: Hottest Android smartphones in India

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Photo: Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung’s core competitor in the mobile phone market, Apple’s iPhone 4 that was released around the same time as the Galaxy S, had sold 14 million units by October 2010. But on its home turf (South Korea), Galaxy S has beaten the iPhone by notching up sales of 2 million units against about 1.8 million iPhones sold.

To catch up with iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S will have to significantly boost its sales  numbers in the U.S. where it has sold one million phones. In the U.S. variations of Galaxy S phones are available with five wireless carriers – AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and Verizon Wireless. Related: Galaxy S in India

Galaxy S has a 4-inch super AMOLED screen and a 5 megapixel camera that can capture 720p video. It is the first Android powered device to receive certification from DivX for DivX HD media. The Samsung phone was released with Android 2.1 OS and now has been updated to Android 2.2 Froyo.

Even in Canada, the Galaxy S Vibrant on Bell’s network is slated to get an update for Froyo. Samsung Mobile Canada had earlier mentioned this upgrade on its Facebook page. In Canada, there has been some problem with Samsung Kies’ desktop software for updating Android, and perhaps Bell is waiting for that to be fixed before it pushes the new version of Android to users.

Samsung Galaxy S is also believed to be one of the first phones that would get an update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread, because of its proximity to  Nexus S, on which Gingerbread was officially launched recently.

Samsung’s Galaxy S also has some particularly popular features such as a daily briefing module and car mode that makes it possible to access Google Maps without having to use one’s hands. The device has an integrated RSS reader and supports Flash, something that its competitor iPhone doesn’t do.

Samsung is also putting a lot of effort in marketing the Galaxy S. It is now possible to get a Galaxy S Giorgio Armani designer smartphone – that is to say it has a special back cover and Giorgio Armani’s logo stamped on the front. The phone is to be sold at Armani retail stores.

As we wait for Galaxy S to fulfill its sales target, let us know in comments if you are one of the almost 10 million proud owners of the Samsung phone.

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